Steadfast Progress: The Exploration and Practice of Chinese-Style Modernization

Author: The Writing Team


Date of publication:2024.07.01

Focusing on the essential requirements of Chinese-style modernization, this book centers around six key themes: developing whole-process people’s democracy, enriching the people’s spiritual world, achieving common prosperity for all, promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, realizing high-quality development, and advancing the building of a community with a shared future for humanity. The book includes twenty-three exemplary cases rooted in China, reflecting contemporary and typical practices. These cases showcase the innovative practices of local governments in China, the pioneering experiences of pilot regions, the entrepreneurial, growth, and development stories of outstanding Chinese industries and enterprises, and the real process of China promoting joint developmen...

Three Math Books for Children

Author: LIU Xunyu


Date of publication:2024.06.01

The three mathematics books for children are Mr. Ma Talks about Mathematics, The Garden of Mathematics, and The Taste of Mathematics. Mr. Ma Talks about Mathematics is a renowned mathematical education classic for primary and secondary school students, presenting over one hundred graphical explanations for solving arithmetic problems, reflecting the author’s meticulous approach to mathematics. The Garden of Mathematics is another acclaimed work, systematically explaining functions, continuities, differentials, integrals, and their operations in a manner accessible to those with elementary algebra and geometry knowledge. The Taste of Mathematics features accumulated articles that transform mundane mathematical subjects into engaging content through clever writing techniques.

Analysis and Application of Big Data in Resource and Environmental Management

Author: CHEN Xiaohong


Date of publication:2024.06.01

This book provides an in-depth exploration of the fundamental knowledge and analytical techniques pertaining to big data in the context of natural resources and the environment. It also offers insights into visualizing analytical findings and supporting environmental decision-making processes while delving into real-world case studies that showcase the application of big data within the realm of natural resources and environmental management, as well as future development trends. Readers will gain a multifaceted understanding of resource and environmental issues, along with a comprehensive grasp of big data collection, storage, processing, analysis, and utilization. Through detailed case analyses, readers will acquire a profound comprehension of big data applications across various domains...

Bare K-Line Technical Analysis and Trading

Author: HU Yunsheng


Date of publication:2024.05.01

After entering the computer age, well-funded large institutions have gained greater market advantages through program trading and high-frequency trading. The competition between "smart money" and "dumb money" has become more intense. In contrast, small to medium-sized specialized institutions and skilled individual traders have developed naked candlestick trading strategies, gaining asymmetric trading advantages to successfully counterbalance large institutions. Naked candlestick trading has thus become the mainstream trading technique in the world today, particularly in the A-share market, delivering a significant blow to traditional technical analysis traders with its clear system advantages. This book explains the four main systems of naked K-line trading from the perspective of practic...

Youth Aviation Model Making, Flying and Competition Tutorial

Author: CAI Dongdong and WANG Chaosheng


Date of publication:2024.05.01

The book is dedicated to the design and development of various aviation models, encompassing hand-launched aircraft, rubber-powered aircraft, electric aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, and special aircraft models. It integrates principles of aerodynamics, radio remote control, meteorology, and other aviation knowledge into a comprehensive course system. Comprising six chapters, each dedicated to a specific type of model, the book provides detailed explanations of their principles, production process, flight operations, and competition aspects. Furthermore, it incorporates various experiments and flight exploration activities to illustrate the flight and adjustment principles of the models in a gradual and straightforward manner, with the aim of cultivating learners into proficient “designers...

Theory and Application of Smart Energy

Author: CHEN Xiaohong


Date of publication:2024.05.01

The book is a result of research on China’s digital intelligent transformation in the energy sector, with a focus on achieving the “dual carbon” goals. It includes industry application cases and provides a comprehensive demonstration of the theoretical basis, application mode, and future development trend of smart energy management systems. The theoretical section consists of four chapters, covering the theoretical system, technical basis, and technical system of smart energy management. It elaborates on energy theory and technology systems while exploring innovation mechanisms from both the supply side and demand side of energy management. The practical section summarizes application examples in key industries, social systems, important resources, and future smart energy development. It c...
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