A Door Opens a World

Author: Runtian Zhao, Meng Zhao


Date of publication:2019.03.01

Architecture is the most visible external proof of Beking culture and the door is the most prominent and choiced mark of architecture. Beijing has a rich store of door relics in different historical periods, from different social backgrounds, and of different artistic styles. In the 20th century, great political, economic, cultural, and urban pattern changes have caused unprecedented destruction and modification of traditional Chinese architecture. The author intends to preserve the valuable memories and histories of traditional Beijing architecture with precious photos. This book opens the door to the stories of Beijing doors.

Mobile Crowd Sensing Network

Author: Donghua Ma, Dong Zhao


Date of publication:2019.02.01

Mobile group intelligence is a new model that uses ubiquitous mobile devices to efficiently collect data for new IoT applications. It boasts of low networking cost, easy system maintenance, and strong service flexibility, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the Internet of Things. This book is a summary of the author's research in the field of mobile group-aware network in recent years. The content is based on the support of mobile group-aware network for IoT applications, and comprehensively introduces the basic concepts of mobile group-aware network, fundamental principles, key technologies and typical applications.

Exacting Fantasy: Architecture

Author: Simin Wang, Xueshi Wang, Fei Bai


Date of publication:2019.01.01

For the students, enthusiasts and young designers of architecture, this collection of the thoughts of young designers is a bright touch against the dull background full of masters and classical cases. Even though these young designers are not heavy-weight masters with decades of experience, they are undoubtedly the most promising yound designers who have received education at top universities and are now working at top studios. To learn from masters is to experience the ultimate charm of buildings. And to learn from this book is to understand the amazing style of young front-runners. Architecture requires not only practical test, but also collision of ideas. This book aims to fill in this blank.

Incredible Chinese Manufacture

Author: Netease News College


Date of publication:2019.01.01

This book introduces the super engineering projects in China for the recent years in the most fluent and effortless style. In this book, we can not only see the key breakthroughs and recent updates on speed railways and nuclear power stations, but also the expert interpretation from professionals. It explains profund knowledge in simple language and boasts of great readability.

A History of Design Studies in China (1918-2018)

Author: Shuai Zhu


Date of publication:2018.12.01

Based on the perspective of academic history, this book is a theoretical and comprehensive analysis on the 100 years' academic history of the research on design since 1918. The target of "design research" focused by the book includes advertisement, visual arts, graphic design, national image design, covering a broad range of areas like cartoon, art film, photography, visual arts research and creative industries.

The Romance of Three Kingdoms

Author: Jiannan Feng, Zedai Liu


Date of publication:2018.12.01

The Romance of Three Kingdoms is one of the Four Chinese Classics and is the first historical romance with captions for each chapter. In this picture book, famous painting artists Feng Jiannan and Liu Zedai reinterpret this classic as comic pictures.
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