Second Voyage over the Waves -- twenty thousand leagues from Norway to Brazil

Author: LIN Jing


Date of publication:2019.08.01

What is the implication of sailing? How should we view the ocean? This book records the story of Lin Jing and her husband Chris, a French native, sailing from Norway to Brazil with their boat “Friend of Ocean”. It is in fact the second navigation of this couple after their first 760-day trans-Atlantic trip in 2005. This time they opened up new routes, challenged high-latitude waters, and revisited Canary Islands, leading readers to appreciate the “joys and sorrows” of the vast ocean, and learn about the exotic lifestyle of islanders…The vivid narration and description make readers empathize with the author, as if they are so excited about the picturesque natural scenery and marvelous anecdotes.

Reading of Chinese Traditional Classic Books

Author: Confucian Institute


Date of publication:2019.08.01

This collection for traditional culture classics readers has six volumes and was edited by the Confucius Institute, whose mission is to promote Chinese culture as the mission and to meet the diverse needs of Chinese learners from all over the world. This work has benefited from the contributions of experts and scholars with rich experience in Chinese language teaching and cultural research. Focus on unifying the base, correct the pronunciation, for the fallacy, the finger is modified. And it makes use of simplified, large characters, notes and layout that ensure barrier-free reading experience for children. The young readers can enjoy the beauty and rhythm of Chinese characters from these six volumes. It is a well-structured primer for children learning Chinese.

Ten Secrets for the CPC's Success: A Perspective of the Traditional Chinese Cultural Gene

Author: Yang Yingjie & etc.


Date of publication:2019.07.01

This book uncovers the Ten Secrets for the CPC’s Success from a perspective of Traditional Chinese Culture Gene, which can be summarized as the stress on, advocacy of and adherence to benevolence, people-centered development, faith, inheritance, self-cultivation, change for long-terms & stable development, justice, harmony, ecology and Datong or great harmony. The Communist Party of China is an advanced force born out of the Chinese nation's outstanding tradition and is the vanguard of the Chinese nation and the Chinese working class. To understand the historical meaning and cultural implications of CPC’s long-term ruling in the era of peace is important for explaining its legitimacy from the aspect of cultural connotations. Culture is the adhesive that unites nations and society. The Comm...

A Dictionary of New Chinese Phrases in English

Author: China Daily


Date of publication:2019.07.01

Based on its previous versions, this new dictionary (seventh edition) has removed hundreds of outdated entries, and at the same time included the new words and buzzwords that have caused heated discussion and spread widely in recent years, e.g., “a community of shared future for mankind”, “the four-pronged comprehensive strategy”, “toilet revolution”, “chain of contempt”, “high-quality development”, “sharing economy”, “P2P lending”, and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”. Besides, this new dictionary has modified the appendices by deleting obsolete categories and including the vocabulary about social media, military, newspaper industry and the Winter Olympic Games, which is convenient for readers to upgrade their “word bank”.

Machine Learning: the Theory and Optimization Behind the Algorithm

Author: Shi Chunqi, Pu Jingyi, Shi Zhiping


Date of publication:2019.07.01

This book introduces the representative algorithms of machine learning in simple terms, reveals the statistical learning theory behind it; it is an introductory and advanced professional material for AI and machine learning. This book addresses the problem of supervised learning–one of the most common problems in machine learning–in three parts as introduction, advancement and deepening. All of the three parts involve basic introductory algorithms, core theories and mathematical optimization behind the theories. The introduction part uses the generalized linear model represented by logistic regression as the starting point and briefs on all the knowledge points involved in the book. In the advancement part, the core theories refer to empirical risk minimization, structural risk minimizatio...

Intelligence Science (3rd edition)

Author: Shi Zhongzhi


Date of publication:2019.07.01

Intelligence science, which studies the essence and implementation technology of intelligence, is a frontier interdisciplinary subject constituted by brain science, cognitive science and AI. Brain science studies the mechanism of natural intelligence from the molecular, cellular and behavioral perspectives, and develops brain models, in an aim to reveal the nature of human brain. Cognitive science studies human perception, learning, memory, thinking, consciousness, and other human brain and mental processes. AI research employs artificial means and techniques to imitate, extend and expand human intelligence, for the purpose of implementing machine intelligence. This book systematically introduces the concepts and methods of intelligence science; exhibits the research achievements in brain ...
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