Towards the Era of Intelligent Governance

Author: ZHANG Chenggang


Date of publication:2023.09.01

This book profoundly interprets the logical tensions between governance theory and practice from dimensions such as social and modernity reconstruction, new technological revolution and modernization of social governance, the modern transformation of traditional Chinese society and the modern layout of contemporary social governance, and the Western evolutionary context of globalization and social governance. After defining the historical intersection of technological development and social governance, it further conducts specialized research on new social governance topics brought about by the latest technological revolution. Through analyzing multiple logical relationships such as “Learn About Governance” and “Learn About Intelligence,” the book clarifies the future path of constructing ...

Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Growth in the Past 30 Years: Entrepreneurship Spirit Leads Enterprises Toward High-Quality Development

Author: LI Lan


Date of publication:2023.08.01

This book depicts entrepreneurs’ growth, drawing from the empirical data collected through the long-term and large-scale surveys of Chinese entrepreneurs. Set against the backdrop of China’s socio-economic development since the reform and opening-up, the book is based on the changes in enterprises’ internal and external environments and the new challenges posed by high-quality corporate development in the new era. Drawing on the survey data spanning the thirty years from 1993 to 2023 by the China Entrepreneur Survey System research team, the book truthfully records the growth trajectory and historical stages of Chinese entrepreneurs with a vast amount of detailed and objective first-hand data. It analyzes the influencing factors and change patterns, the progress made, and the existing issu...

Insights into AIGC: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges of Intelligent Creation

Author: LI Haijun


Date of publication:2023.08.01

This book is divided into three parts: Part 1, “AIGC Evolution,” recounts the developmental history of AIGC and the intelligence behind it. Part 2, “AIGC Applications,” discusses AIGC’s current applications and common tools in fields such as literary creation, daily office work, knowledge management, research publication, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, finance services, and brand marketing. Part 3, “AIGC Opportunities and Challenges,” explores the capital and technological prospects of AIGC while also highlighting potential risks to be aware of.

Power of Chip: Global Semiconductor Journey and AI Intelligent Manufacturing Record

Author: LI Haijun, FENG Mingxian


Date of publication:2023.08.01

The book Power of Chip is divided into three parts: Part One (Chapters 1 to 3) is about opportunities, explaining historical opportunities and industry history. It covers the opportunities the semiconductor industry has brought to global economic development over the past century and major nations’ competition, cooperation, and games amidst the semiconductor opportunity. Part Two (Chapters 4 to 7) is about technologies, discussing cross-disciplinary technological innovation and the increasingly pivotal role of new-generation information technology in the semiconductor industry. This involves chip design, manufacturing, closed beta test, and the application practices and significant achievements of the manufacturers of chip manufacturing equipment. Part Three (Chapters 8 and 9) is about man...

Integration of Cloud Technology and Intelligent Scenarios

Author: JIN Panshi


Date of publication:2023.08.01

The ancient character “鉴” was initially written as “监.” “监” was first seen in the oracle bone script and later evolved into “鉴” by adding the “金” radical (which signifies metal) during the Spring and Autumn period. It originally meant a tool for reflection, which is similar to a mirror that emerged later. It means reference and can be extended to refer to things serving as reference or evaluation criteria. This character aligns with this book’s goal to become a reference standard and best practice in the industry. Therefore, the book is titled “云鉴” (Cloud Reference). This series consists of four volumes, namely, Cloud Computing in Strategic Perspective, Cloud Computing Technology and Product Research, Green Low-Carbon Digital Infrastructure, and Integration of Cloud Technology and Intellig...

Electromagnetic Theory, Calculations, and Applications (2nd Edition)

Author: SHENG Xinqing


Date of publication:2023.07.01

This book revolves around questions rather than knowledge. It primarily addresses four questions, corresponding to four chapters: ① How were electromagnetic waves discovered? ② How do electromagnetic waves propagate and transmit? ③ How do electromagnetic waves radiate? ④ How do electromagnetic waves scatter? To thoroughly explain these four questions, this book encompasses various course knowledge, including existing electromagnetic wave theory, antennas, computational electromagnetics, and radar. It spans knowledge across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. This book does not aim to cover all knowledge points but strives to elucidate the core points and accurately reflect how these core points change with the times.
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