Looking Up At the Songs of Chu:Li Sao and Jiu Ge

Author: Written by QU Yuan (Warring States); Illustrated by YANG Yongqing; Translated by HUANG Xiaodan, WEI Ting


Date of publication:2023.03.01

This book is exquisitely illustrated by the accomplished artist Yang Yongqing, who has been awarded the Honorary Award of the National Press and Publication Administration and nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. He integrates the traditional line drawing techniques of Eighteen Strokes with modern archaeological knowledge, creating beautiful illustrations with extraordinary imagination that make people resonate emotionally with Qu Yuan. The poetic translations of Huang Xiaodan and Dr. Wei Ting capture the essence of the original poems. On the basis of literal and free translations, they creatively employ three translation methods different from the usual word-for-word translations: addition, omission, and explicit translation, presenting a collision of poetic souls that are two...

Transparent Laser Ceramics

Author: CHEN Haohong, LEI Fang


Date of publication:2023.03.01

The realization of kilowatt-level transparent laser ceramics has brought innovation to existing crystal and glass-based laser applications, laying the foundation for advanced projects such as nuclear fusion and space solar collection in the future and contributing to the development of China’s “rare earth economy.” Combining with engineering cases, this book systematically introduces the structure, properties, preparation, applications, and development of this type of emerging materials from the perspective of optical function material research. This includes historical origins, the influence of unique polycrystalline structures, improvements required for ceramic structures and processes to transition from traditional opaque to transparent laser applications and the theoretical mechanisms,...

Natural Language Processing – Principles, Methods and Applications

Author: WANG Zhili, LEI Pengbin, WU Yufan


Date of publication:2023.03.01

This book systematically explains the fundamentals of natural language processing (NLP) and advanced knowledge related to advanced NLP model applications. The book consists of 11 chapters: Chapters 1-5 cover the basics of NLP, and Chapters 6-11 apply NLP knowledge to practical scenarios. The book primarily introduces pre-trained models, text classification, machine reading comprehension, named entity recognition, text generation, model distillation and pruning, loss functions, and so on. The book contains numerous application examples, enabling readers not only to grasp theoretical knowledge but also to apply it flexibly. The examples in the book are developed based on the Linux and PyTorch environments, so readers can learn PyTorch framework techniques while studying NLP concepts. With co...

Beyond Opposition: Research on China's Climate Policy from the Perspective of Learning Theory

Author: ZHAI Dayu


Date of publication:2023.02.01

This book is the outcome of the project “Research on Important Discourses on Climate Diplomacy in Xi Jinping’s Thought on Diplomacy” conducted by the Research Center for Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in Beijing. Climate change is part of the profound changes unseen in a century, and Chinese civilization should make greater contributions to humanity. This book establishes a national learning model with two dimensions, the level of national learning and the proactiveness of national learning, to explain the changing process of China’s climate policies at different stages. Focusing on the global climate governance mechanism and the evolution of China’s climate policies, the book gathers rich materials to reflect the development and changes of the g...

How to Build a Lab-on/in-Fiber

Author: YUAN Libo et al.


Date of publication:2023.02.01

Centered around the theme of “Lab on/in Fiber,” this book invites several representative research groups in this research field from across China to collaboratively write 12 chapters on their main achievements and important research progress over the years. The book focuses on the technical foundation of building various types of labs on/in fibers and provides practical examples of constructing various micro-labs on/in fibers to illustrate the purpose, methods, and technological approaches of establishing labs on/in fibers.

Research on the Potential, Models, and Mechanisms of Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries

Author: YAN Guoqing, GAO Cong, YAN Han, YIN Junjie


Date of publication:2023.02.01

This book introduces methods such as the international industry cooperation ranking and rating system to systematically study the models, mechanisms, and policies of industrial cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries. It collects and compiles rich and accurate data on the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation and numerous related cases, forming a comprehensive data report and case library. It uncovers the reasons behind the bottlenecks encountered in China’s economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries and suggests countermeasures. The book can provide theoretical, data, and case support for government departments, research institutions, and relevant theoretical researchers engaged in the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperati...
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