How to Build a Lab-on/in-Fiber

Author: YUAN Libo et al.


Date of publication:2023.02.01

Centered around the theme of “Lab on/in Fiber,” this book invites several representative research groups in this research field from across China to collaboratively write 12 chapters on their main achievements and important research progress over the years. The book focuses on the technical foundation of building various types of labs on/in fibers and provides practical examples of constructing various micro-labs on/in fibers to illustrate the purpose, methods, and technological approaches of establishing labs on/in fibers.

Research on the Potential, Models, and Mechanisms of Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries

Author: YAN Guoqing, GAO Cong, YAN Han, YIN Junjie


Date of publication:2023.02.01

This book introduces methods such as the international industry cooperation ranking and rating system to systematically study the models, mechanisms, and policies of industrial cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries. It collects and compiles rich and accurate data on the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation and numerous related cases, forming a comprehensive data report and case library. It uncovers the reasons behind the bottlenecks encountered in China’s economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries and suggests countermeasures. The book can provide theoretical, data, and case support for government departments, research institutions, and relevant theoretical researchers engaged in the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperati...

Social Insurance Fund Management

Author: LU Jinfei


Date of publication:2023.01.01

This textbook is positioned as a high-quality teaching material combining theory and practice, connecting policy and the market, and bridging operations and investment. The “Principles” part focuses on the theoretical foundation of social security systems, which is closely linked to the theoretical development trajectory of national and social governance realities of countries around the world. The “Policy” part systematically introduces the management systems and policies of China’s social security projects and related funds, offering a detailed explanation of fund management from the perspective of the social security fund management process. The “Investment” part covers theories, tools, and methods related to investment in social security fund management. It presents vital investment to...

Computing Networks in Detail Volume 1: The Big Data for Computing Networks

Author: LUO Feng, ZHANG Dongfei, GAO Zhifang


Date of publication:2023.01.01

The coming decade will witness the flourishing of computing, and the development of big data for computing networks will focus on core technological areas such as edge computing, distributed collaborative computing, data fabric, and privacy computing. This book comprises four parts and 14 chapters: Part One (Chapters 1-3) introduces the basic concepts of computability and computing networks, along with the development trends of big data driven by computing networks. Part Two (Chapters 4-7) covers key technologies for big data in computing networks, including edge computing, distributed collaborative computing, data fabric, and privacy computing. Part Three (Chapters 8-10) presents specific applications of big data technology in computing networks. Part Four (Chapters 11-14) explores the bi...

Computing Networks in Detail Volume 2: The Computing Network PaaS

Author: MIAO Sen, HUANG Deguang, DONG Yubing


Date of publication:2023.01.01

Centered around how PaaS hosts computing networks, this book helps readers understand PaaS platforms’ role in hosting computing networks. Chapters 1 and 2 provide background introductions, focusing on the development background of computing networks and the historical evolution of operators’ IT architecture. Chapters 3 to 9 discuss PaaS for computing networks, specifically detailing the role of PaaS platforms in hosting computing networks in various aspects. Chapter 10 presents a practical case of applying the Panji PaaS platform to bridge the gap between eastern and western regions in computing resources. Chapter 11 offers insights into the future evolution of PaaS in computing network scenarios.

Computing Networks in Detail Volume 1: The Computing Network Brain

Author: MA Leiming, SUN Jie, OUYANG Ye


Date of publication:2023.01.01

Starting from the top-level system design of computing networks, this book introduces the core functions of computing networks and then elaborates on key technologies around the functions of the computing network brain. Chapters 1 and 2 provide an overview of the development background and trends of computing network technologies, along with an in-depth discussion of the relationship between computing networks and cloud networks. Chapter 3 systematically introduces the architecture of computing networks. Chapter 4 discusses the operational and transactional technologies of computing networks. Chapters 5 to 9 comprehensively explain the core functions of the computing network brain, including integrated orchestration, management and scheduling, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelli...
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