Revelation of Scientific and Technological Innovation: Anecdotes of Masters of Innovation and Invention

Author: Jin Yong


Date of publication:2020.12.01

Science education and scientific and technological innovation are the two driving forces of social progress. This book tells the stories about innovation and scientific wisdom of nearly 100 academic masters, and discusses with readers the enduring topic of “innovation”, so as to pique readers’ enthusiasm for innovation or inspire them. Scientific and technological innovation is abstract, obscure and complicated, but in this book, it is told by stories that you are familiar or unfamiliar with, such as “Harrison’s Clock”, “Darwin’s Journey”, “The Debate between Ball and Einstein”, “The Friendship between Maxwell and Faraday” …In this way, it shows readers not only the history and achievements of scientific and technological innovation, but also the intellectual quality and spiritual core req...

Play with Data Structure

Author: Cheng Jie


Date of publication:2020.12.01

With the teaching process of a computer teacher as the scenario, this book explains the knowledge of data structure and related algorithms. Some of the classical algorithms involved in data structure are explained in an easy-to-understand way through a fun narrative. The book uses a wide variety of life knowledge as analogy and applies full-color graphic language to interpret abstract content. One of the difficulties in learning data structure is how to understand related algorithms. Compared with other books in the same category, this book is fun and easy to read, which uses both illustrations and texts to provide detailed and in-depth explanation of algorithms, enabling readers to learn while reading the book, so it can guide readers in developing programming thinking. Diagrams, proc...

Precision Liver Surgery

Author: Dong Jiahong


Date of publication:2020.12.01

This book comprehensively and systematically illustrates the theoretical system and clinical surgical practice of precision liver surgery from different aspects such as the historical evolution of hepatectomy and the formation of the concept, theoretical basis, technical support, treatment strategy, and surgical planning of precise hepatectomy, fully demonstrating the technical advantages of precise hepatectomy in complex liver surgery.

Intelligent Green Container Terminal

Author: Zhang Dewen


Date of publication:2020.12.01

This book is divided into 7 chapters and 48 sections, which is the first comprehensive and systematic introduction to automated container terminal processes and equipment technologies, detailing new technologies, new processes, new products, new devices, and new materials for energy saving and emission reduction in traditional container terminals and automated container terminals in ports at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the book focuses on the combination of theoretical research and pilot application, which is of great significance to the intelligent, green, specialized, large-scale, efficient, standardized and sustainable development of container terminals in Chinese ports and the transformation and upgrading of ports. Through this book, readers can have a more comprehensive, in-depth and ...

Improved Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Their Applications

Author: Hu Hongping


Date of publication:2020.12.01

This book mainly talks about synthetic aperture radar target recognition achieved by improved convolutional neural networks, and proposes improved swarm intelligence algorithms. Meanwhile, by combining machine learning, it achieves synthetic aperture radar target recognition, denoising estimation of MEMS vector hydrophone signals, cancer classification, infectious disease prediction, air quality index prediction and classification, robot steering classification and geological water quality classification. The book is highly practical and applicable. It meets the need of actual application and provides theoretical guidance. The book can be used for the study of graduate students in applied mathematics, signal processing, image processing, optimization algorithms, prediction and classificati...

Elastic Fluid-saturated Porous Media and Borehole Safety Calibration

Author: Gao Yue, Liu Zhanli, Zhuang Zhuo, Huang Kezhi


Date of publication:2020.12.01

The Biot elastic fluid-saturated porous model is a constitutive model relationship for porous media materials proposed by Biot in the 1940s. This constitutive model couples the solid skeleton deformation with the porous media in the skeleton for analysis, and takes the time effect due to the porous media into full consideration. An introduction to the elastic porous constitutive model will be presented in Elastic Fluid-saturated Porous Media and Borehole Safety Calibration, and based on this constitutive model, the borehole damage problem in oil drilling engineering will be examined to explain the time lag phenomenon in the collapse and rupture of borehole wall.
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