Sugar-free Micropropagation and Transplant Production

Author: XIAO Yulan, JIANG Shihao, KANG Dang, YANG Chenghe


Date of publication:2022.12.01

This book brings together the work of many researchers and seedling producers, reflecting the authors’ years of research and practical experience. It helps readers understand the relationship between the growth and development of seedlings in test tubes and the environment, develop their thoughts, and solve problems encountered in research and production. Sugar-free Micropropagation and Transplant Production suits researchers in the field of tissue culture, as well as professionals in the propagation of seedlings, greenhouse horticulture, plant factories, and environmental control. It can also be a reference for students and teachers in related majors, such as biology, agriculture, forestry, traditional Chinese medicine, and ecology, in colleges, universities, and research institutes. Of c...

The Era of Digital Transformation: A Report on the Innovative Research and Industrial Development of Precision Medicine (2022 Edition Volume One)

Author: RAO Keqin, ZHANG Zongjiu, WANG Bo, CHEN Saijuan


Date of publication:2022.12.01

This book systematically demonstrates the technological breakthroughs with a significant impact in the fields of science and technology, digital economy, and modern medicine, as well as the future development directions. It summarizes and outlines the progress, opportunities, and challenges of precision medicine, intelligent medicine, and future medicine development in China. The book presents original research on precise prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, translational medicine, health big data, and population cohorts for major diseases such as liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, COVID-19, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, congenital heart diseases in children, and Alzheimer’s disease. Through the analysis of 186 advanced technologies, it showcases ...

Digital Strategy: New Model of Digital Economy in the 14th Five-Year Plan

Author: LI Quan


Date of publication:2022.12.01

With the development of the digital economy in China as its background, the book introduces the current development status and trends in various stages of the digital economy, from academic research to industrial application. In the meantime, based on the development trend of the integration between the digital economy and industries, it analyzes critical topics in social and economic development, including the online economy, industrial digital transformation, digital sharing, and digital currency. The book also explains and discusses fifteen new models of digital economic development that drive industrial transformation and upgrading so that government management personnel, industry operators, and students can understand and effectively utilize related fields. The book closely follows th...

The Study about Biao and Qi of Northern Song Dynasty

Author: ZHANG Zheng


Date of publication:2022.12.01

The book focuses on the two genres of biao (a literary style like prose) and qi (a literary style like preface), which were most frequently used by literati in the Northern Song Dynasty, had the highest quantity of works, and can best reflect the creative techniques and overall style of the Song Dynasty’s parallel prose creation. Through discussions on their historical inheritance, stylistic characteristics, developmental processes, and influence on later generations, the book aims to comprehensively showcase the diverse artistic aspect of the parallel proses of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Tracing the Elements of Chinese Architecture: Courtyards, Beam Systems, and Sunk Panels

Author: XIE Jing


Date of publication:2022.12.01

Courtyards, bracket systems, and sunk panels are the three essential elements of ancient Chinese architecture that go a long way back. The academic world’s discussion on these three has never ceased. Architectural practice has also been influenced by these Chinese elements, especially in significant public and cultural buildings, where they have been innovatively interpreted. However, the majority of current academic research focuses on their typology and structural functionality, while little attention is given to their cultural significance. Perhaps it is due to the lack of foundational research on the humanistic culture that modern architectural practice often treats courtyards, bracket systems, and sunk panels merely as spatial, structural, and visual elements. This book traces the ori...

The Five Cities of Du Fu (Collector's Edition)

Author: LAI Ruihe


Date of publication:2022.12.01

In 1989, 35-year-old Mr. Lai Ruihe started his train travel in mainland China. From then until 1993, he solitarily embarked on nine journeys deep into the Chinese mainland, reaching all provinces, regions, and municipalities except the three provinces in northeast China, Tibet, and Hainan, covering a total distance of 49,000 kilometers. He visited the “Five Districts,” entered the “Jianmen Pass,” and explored Western Hunan... He visited bustling cities like Xi’an and Beijing, as well as desolate towns like Golmud in Qinghai and Sancha in Shanxi. He explored famous attractions like the Dayan Pagoda and the Yungang Grottoes, as well as lesser-known sites like Wuliang Shrine in Jiaxiang, Shandong, and the “Nanzhao Dehua Inscription” in Dali, Yunnan. The author encountered various people, the ...
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