The Five Cities of Du Fu (Collector's Edition)

Author: LAI Ruihe


Date of publication:2022.12.01

In 1989, 35-year-old Mr. Lai Ruihe started his train travel in mainland China. From then until 1993, he solitarily embarked on nine journeys deep into the Chinese mainland, reaching all provinces, regions, and municipalities except the three provinces in northeast China, Tibet, and Hainan, covering a total distance of 49,000 kilometers. He visited the “Five Districts,” entered the “Jianmen Pass,” and explored Western Hunan... He visited bustling cities like Xi’an and Beijing, as well as desolate towns like Golmud in Qinghai and Sancha in Shanxi. He explored famous attractions like the Dayan Pagoda and the Yungang Grottoes, as well as lesser-known sites like Wuliang Shrine in Jiaxiang, Shandong, and the “Nanzhao Dehua Inscription” in Dali, Yunnan. The author encountered various people, the ...

Additive Manufacturing Technology

Author: SHI Yusheng et al.


Date of publication:2022.11.01

This book comprehensively and systematically introduces the principles and methods of additive manufacturing technology. It includes an overview of additive manufacturing technology, commonly used core components of additive manufacturing technology, technologies such as selective laser sintering, selective laser melting, liquid resin stereo lithography apparatus, fused deposition modeling, laser engineered net shaping, wire arc additive manufacturing, and the application cases of these technologies. The book is systematic, comprehensive, universal, and novel, both well-written and well-illustrated. Covering theoretical research and practical applications, it is a highly valuable reference for the study and application of additive manufacturing technology.

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development Cases

Author: LIU Gang


Date of publication:2022.11.01

This book consists of organic chemistry experiments, chapter summaries, and exercise explanations. The organic chemistry experiments part features 12 carefully selected experiments, covering basic operations, compound synthesis and purification, and comprehensive design experiments. The study guide provides assistance for chapters in Organic Chemistry, including key concepts and exercise explanations, and offers solutions to all textbook exercises. The book is suitable as a supporting experiment and study guide in English-taught curriculums for international medical students studying in China or bilingual courses for undergraduate students. The book is positioned as a supplementary material to the main textbook Organic Chemistry used in medical colleges for international students in China,...

Pillar Enterprises Empower a Nation

Author: LU Chun


Date of publication:2022.11.01

With Chinese enterprises as a window, this book summarizes their leapfrog developmental achievements over the century, key characteristics, and imperative experiences. It concludes that Chinese enterprises have undergone a comprehensive transformation. Meanwhile, by analyzing the challenges and opportunities currently faced by these enterprises, it proposes that Chinese enterprises should accelerate their new transformation and suggests a strategic path for them to grow from big to strong. It explores the new missions, responsibilities, and goals of Chinese enterprises in the new century under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The book is divided into five major parts and 18 chapters. It interprets China’s century-spanning transition and its leap forward with Chinese enterpri...

Language, Brain Evolution and Cognition

Author: JIANG Minghu


Date of publication:2022.11.01

Brain and language cognition is an emerging interdisciplinary field. Language is the most critical feature that distinguishes humans from other animals. In the process of human evolution, language use is a decisive factor in the increase of brain weight (from 300 grams in ancient times to 1,200-1,400 grams now) and capacity, suggesting a co-evolution between the human brain and language. The book has rich content and represents the forefront of this discipline on an international level.

Revitalizing Chinese Classical Rituals: A Modern Attempt at Tsinghua University

Author: ZHANG Tao


Date of publication:2022.11.01

What is ritual? How did child grow to adulthood in ancients times? How did they get married? What were the feelings and meanings of the ancient Chinese rituals? Three thousand years ago, the Chinese sages made rituals and music, leaving behind a valuable treasure for the successors, so that today Chinese people can still proudly claim that China is a world-renowned state of ritual and etiquette. How can people truly understand, inherit, practise and carry forward all the Chinese rituals? A hard and honorable work has been done by the scholars from Tsinghua University. This book summarizes the work of scholars at Tsinghua University on the restoration of the ancient Chinese rituals, covering the fields of classical studies, history, archaeology, music and creative media technology. Searchin...
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