Integration of Cloud Technology and Intelligent Scenarios

Author: JIN Panshi


Date of publication:2023.08.01

The ancient character “鉴” was initially written as “监.” “监” was first seen in the oracle bone script and later evolved into “鉴” by adding the “金” radical (which signifies metal) during the Spring and Autumn period. It originally meant a tool for reflection, which is similar to a mirror that emerged later. It means reference and can be extended to refer to things serving as reference or evaluation criteria. This character aligns with this book’s goal to become a reference standard and best practice in the industry. Therefore, the book is titled “云鉴” (Cloud Reference). This series consists of four volumes, namely, Cloud Computing in Strategic Perspective, Cloud Computing Technology and Product Research, Green Low-Carbon Digital Infrastructure, and Integration of Cloud Technology and Intellig...

Electromagnetic Theory, Calculations, and Applications (2nd Edition)

Author: SHENG Xinqing


Date of publication:2023.07.01

This book revolves around questions rather than knowledge. It primarily addresses four questions, corresponding to four chapters: ① How were electromagnetic waves discovered? ② How do electromagnetic waves propagate and transmit? ③ How do electromagnetic waves radiate? ④ How do electromagnetic waves scatter? To thoroughly explain these four questions, this book encompasses various course knowledge, including existing electromagnetic wave theory, antennas, computational electromagnetics, and radar. It spans knowledge across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. This book does not aim to cover all knowledge points but strives to elucidate the core points and accurately reflect how these core points change with the times.

Sequences and Numbers: The Formation and Evolution of the Concept of Number

Author: FENG Qi


Date of publication:2023.07.01

This book is a treatise in mathematical philosophy, addressing fundamental ontological and epistemological issues related to natural numbers. Starting from the phenomenon of order in the natural world and integrating the wisdom of ancient Chinese predecessors in applying order, this book attempts to illustrate how this almost ubiquitous “ordered structure” is the source of human understanding derived from life experiences like the widely seen “geometric structure.” It argues that the understanding of natural numbers and their arithmetic principles, also like the understanding of geometric knowledge, stems from the perception of the objective world. The book strives to use rigorous mathematical methods to demonstrate the natural and typical path of the concept of natural numbers to be abstr...

And Then There is Brightness:400 years of scientific exploration from 1543 to 1957

Author: WANG You


Date of publication:2023.07.01

The author is like a “storyteller” of humans’ scientific exploration over 400 years, narrating the course of scientific development since Copernicus published his accurately and elegantly written On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, showcasing the glorious achievements of mankind, the vivid stories of science, how the modern scientific edifice was established, and the historical inevitability of the development of science. The book explores the nature of the scientific spirit and the forces that drive science. Meanwhile, it also introduces math, physics, chemistry, and biology. This book is characterized by its trustworthy historical materials, coherent ideas, and vivid narration, vividly portraying the grand history of humanity’s four centuries of scientific exploration.

Resource Management for Cloud-Edge Computing

Author: CHEN Xing, LIN Bin, CHEN Zheyi


Date of publication:2023.07.01

With the rapid development of communication technology, hardware technology, and the widespread application of mobile devices, resource management issues in cloud computing and edge computing have aroused much concern in both the industry and academic community. To satisfy relevant researchers’ needs for reference, the authors have compiled Resource Management for Cloud-Edge Computing. This book primarily introduces theories and research related to resource management for cloud-edge collaborative, helping readers understand the issues and solutions for resource management for cloud-edge collaboration. Resource Management for Cloud-Edge Computing presents the following theories, technologies, and applications: cloud computing, edge computing, cloud-edge collaboration, resource management en...

Deep Reinforcement Learning – Collaborative Adaptive Scheduling Theory and Application of Task and Virtual Resources in Cloud Computing

Author: PENG Zhiping


Date of publication:2023.07.01

This book focuses on two key steps in the execution process of cloud workflows: cloud workflow task assignment and virtual resource provisioning. It investigates the theoretical problems, key technologies, and methods for collaborative, adaptive multi-workflow scheduling in a cloud computing environment with containers as a new type of virtualization unit. This aims to balance the interests of both cloud service supply and demand sides while ensuring the fulfillment of user service level agreements. The research team of this book has long been engaged in foundational theoretical and applied research in fields such as key technologies of cloud computing, machine learning algorithms, and multi-agent systems.
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