A Guide to Enterprise Digital Transformation: Scenario Analysis + IT Implementation + Organizational Transformation

Author: Yu Xu


Date of publication:2021.05.01

In the digital era, business advantages have transformed from large-scale supply of products to the identification and matching of individual needs, and consumer needs, contacts and behaviors are changing rapidly. Digitalization offers important assistance for enterprises to adapt to the new era and establish new advantages.

Equity Strategy: Partnership Mechanism + Equity Incentives + Financing Plans

Author: Zhang Kaizhi, Ma Ying


Date of publication:2021.05.01

In the fever of nation-wide entrepreneurship, few entrepreneurs can make if if they work alone. Therefore, entrepreneurs often choose to bring in external forces during the start-up period, such as inviting people to be a partner or bringing in financing. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of equity-related issues that entrepreneurs may encounter at different stages, including how to choose partners and allocate equity in the early stage of the business, and how to design a withdrawal mechanism; how to utilize equity incentives to retain talents in the middle of the entrepreneurship, and how to formulate and implement an equity financing plan for better development. The book delivers a targeted analysis of equity-related issues through actual cases, providing entrepreneurs with ...

Dimple Corresponding Theory: A New Way of Treating Thyroid Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Ding Zhiguo


Date of publication:2021.05.01

To meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, this book reviews the development of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine in the treatment of thyroid diseases, and focuses on the clinical difficulties to be solved. It proposes for the first time the concept of window phase based on the “dimple corresponding” theory and establishes corresponding treatment guidelines according to different stages of disease development, and systematically elaborates new ideas of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for common thyroid diseases.

Value Internet: Economic Revolution Beyond Blockchain

Author: Cai Jian


Date of publication:2021.05.01

The global economic system has been profoundly changed after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new value Internet industry has emerged. This book illustrates the scientific laws and principles of the formation of the value Internet, revealing the huge crisis facing the global economy and the deep-seated causes for the strong impact of the Internet and blockchain on the financial sector. From rich practices, the author analyzes how network intelligent technology and the universal adoption of digital currency transform the digital economy industry, and designs methods and ideas for future industrial innovation and economic system reconstruction, so as to create an effective path of achieving reform in fields such as science and technology, medical care and education with the v...

Magnificent Colors: Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Colors & Illustrations for Modern Matching Scheme

Author: Chen Yufeng


Date of publication:2021.04.01

The culture of traditional Chinese colors is an epitome of politics, economy, social life, folk customs, literature and art, as well as ideology and aesthetic tastes over the ages. It has rich content and a broad range of applications. Colors can be seen everywhere in traditional culture and arts such as costumes, architecture, paintings, porcelains and crafts. The editor traces the roots of traditional Chinese colors in the classics of philosophy and literature, and appreciates the beauty of traditional Chinese colors in art masterpieces handed down from generation to generation, integrates the aesthetic wisdom of the ancients into modern fashion, so as to keep alive the beauty of the artistic conception of traditional Chinese colors.

Watching and Pondering: Selected Collection of the Transcript of the Forum of Humanitas Tsinghua

Author: Zhang Xiaoqin, Jiang Shuyuan


Date of publication:2021.04.01

This book includes one lesson from each of 26 contemporary scholars from Tsinghua University, which focuses on their classic theories, unique thinking and major discoveries. All the contents have been prepared with great care, which represent the highest level of contemporary humanities and social sciences at Tsinghua University, and are the continuation of Tsinghua University’s traditional thinking of a shared fate with the country and the nation that has been abided by for over a century. The contents of the 26 lectures are all from the “Humanitas Tsinghua” forum, which was launched in early 2016 as a large academic event in Tsinghua University dedicated to building a public sphere for the continuous voice of humanistic thoughts so as to promote the daily improvement of humanistic c...
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