Catalogue of Folk Paper-Cutting Treasures of Tsinghua University

Author: Jiang Yunzhong, Wang Lianhai, Wei Chengguang, Yu Ting, Ni Jia


Date of publication:2021.04.01

The Tsinghua University Art Library has a rich collection of folk paper-cutting arts over the years. At present, there are about 5,500 pieces of paper-cutting materials in the library, with folk paper-cutting works from Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, Guangdong, etc., covering a wide range of topics, such as auspicious patterns, home decoration, landscapes, opera and literary classics, figures and animals. The graphic symbols as well as the patterns and textures of these treasures are of great value for academic reference. This book selects more than 500 pieces of paper-cutting works with distinct traditional folk characteristics in the collection. In this way, these precious materials can be better provided by copyright and it also contributes to the long-term preservation and utiliza...

Human-machine Integration – Transcending Artificial Intelligence

Author: Liu Wei


Date of publication:2021.04.01

With the rapid development of technology in recent decades, human-machine interaction technologies are becoming increasingly important. This book aims to establish a system of human-machine interaction design and evaluation ideas based on the interaction of information flow (including input, processing, and output processes). The main contents include: sensory qualities, situated cognition, control characteristics and behavior information analysis of human, as well as the design and evaluation methods and thematic studies.

Watching and Pondering: Selected Collection of the Transcript of the Forum of Humanitas Tsinghua

Author: Zhang Xiaoqin, Jiang Shuyuan


Date of publication:2021.04.01

This book includes one lesson from each of 26 contemporary scholars from Tsinghua University, which focuses on their classic theories, unique thinking and major discoveries. All the contents have been prepared with great care, which represent the highest level of contemporary humanities and social sciences at Tsinghua University, and are the continuation of Tsinghua University’s traditional thinking of a shared fate with the country and the nation that has been abided by for over a century. The contents of the 26 lectures are all from the “Humanitas Tsinghua” forum, which was launched in early 2016 as a large academic event in Tsinghua University dedicated to building a public sphere for the continuous voice of humanistic thoughts so as to promote the daily improvement of humanistic c...

How to Deal with Myopia: Advice from An Ophthalmologist

Author: He Yan


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This book systematically introduces the causes as well as the prevention and control of myopia. The book is divided into three parts: the first part explains what myopia is and its classification, causes, prevention and eye care; the second part explains scientific methods to help children control the development of myopia, eye care methods for adults and protective precautions of myopia, as well as tips for selecting frames and contact lenses; the third part systematically introduces the classification of myopia surgery and the differences, hoping to help readers understand myopia surgery and frontier technologies through detailed theories and clinical case analysis. Through the interpretation of common ophthalmic knowledge in life, his book helps readers gain knowledge of myopia and mast...

The Happy Quotient: a more important factor than IQ and EQ that decides one’s fate

Author: Ren Jun, Ying Xiaoping


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a book to help you improve your the happy quotient. Investment in the happy quotient can bring rich reward. From existing phycological studies, people with higher the happy quotient tend to lead a happier life, have better academic performance and greater career achievement in the future. For example, they have more stable love relationship, higher income, higher social status, longer life expectancy, and better job performance. To a certain extent, the fate that has been determined by IQ or EQ can only be further changed by the the happy quotient. This book not only compares the classical positive psychology theories related to the happy quotient, but also analyzes and summarizes the relevant social surveys and practical results, which can serve as a meaningful guidance in our ...

The Accountant Mother's Financial Quotient Lessons

Author: Li Yi


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a special book for parents and children to read together, which can help children improve their financial literacy and cultivate good learning habits. Through specific parent-child cases, solutions are provided to address several issues of particular concern to parents: what to do when children love to compare with others unrealistically, and always ask for things? What to do if children are obsessed with games and want to top up, and they make a scene or borrow from others if you refuse to give them money? Should parents give children pocket money or lucky money for the New Year? How to deal with so many idle toys and clothes of children at home? How to guide children to learn about saving? How to explain compound interest to the children? How do children get together with their f...
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