The History of Ancient Chinese Music for Children Volume 2

Author: WAN Li


Date of publication:2023.06.01

The book talks about everything about music from the ancient to the Northern and Southern dynasties, encompassing singing, dancing, musical instruments, musicians, musical scores, and the functions of music... Readers can understand the profound and extensive music culture of China from scratch. The book is an integration of logic and enjoyment, theory and practicality, as well as academic reading and aesthetic reading. It guides everyone on a journey to listen to the music and stories of ancient China.

Elements of Mathematics

Author: JIANG Weisheng


Date of publication:2023.06.01

Data science and machine learning have deeply integrated into various aspects of our lives, and mathematics is the key to unlocking the door to the future. Not everyone is born with a good hand, but mastering "mathematics + programming + machine learning" is definitely a trump card. This time, learning mathematics is no longer just for exams, grades, or further education, but an investment in time, self-realization, and future-oriented. In order to make everyone learn and even fall in love with mathematics, the author of this book tries to overcome the various drawbacks of traditional mathematical textbooks, making the learning process interesting, understandable, thought-provoking, more confident, and applicable. This book breaks through the barriers between different mathematical fields...

Quantum AI

Author: JIN Xianmin, HU Junjie


Date of publication:2023.06.01

This book is designed to build quantum AI applications in a way that is friendly to deep learning enthusiasts. The book consists of 13 chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 systematically introduce the development processes of quantum computers and the basics of quantum computing programming. Chapters 3 to 7 cover various deep learning methods and ways to construct quantum-inspired algorithms on these algorithm logics, utilizing phases in quantum circuits as learnable parameters for neural networks and reconstructing them into quantum neural network operators. Chapters 8 and 9 delve into advanced quantum AI knowledge, explaining feasible evaluation methods for different quantum algorithms and the operationalization of quantum neural networks based on Torch.Script. Chapters 10 to 13 introduce possible...

Cloud Computing in Strategic Perspective

Author: JIN Panshi


Date of publication:2023.05.01

The ancient character “鉴” was initially written as “监.” “监” was first seen in the oracle bone script and later evolved into “鉴” by adding the “金” radical (which signifies metal) during the Spring and Autumn period. It originally meant a tool for reflection, which is similar to a mirror that emerged later. It means reference and can be extended to refer to things serving as reference or evaluation criteria. This character aligns with this book’s goal to become a reference standard and best practice in the industry. Therefore, the book is titled “云鉴” (Cloud Reference). This series consists of four volumes, namely, Cloud Computing in Strategic Perspective, Cloud Computing Technology and Product Research, Green Low-Carbon Digital Infrastructure, and Integration of Cloud Technology and Intellig...

Botnet Detection: Principles, Methods and Practices

Author: ZOU Futai, YI Ping, ZHANG Siyu, HU Yuzong


Date of publication:2023.05.01

From the three perspectives of principles, methods, and practical applications, this book introduces the botnet’s composition, behavior characteristics, and techniques for detecting botnets. It discusses the DNS failure behavior of botnets, malicious domains generated by DGA in botnets, DNS covert channels, and deep learning features. Through these perspectives, the book presents both academic and industrial perspectives on the detection principles, methods, and practical effects of botnets and briefly introduces practical applications of tracking and tracing botnets. The book also elaborates on how to apply cutting-edge technologies such as knowledge graphs, feedback learning, graph neural networks, and generative adversarial networks to botnet detection, further enhancing detection accur...

This is Beijing!

Author: Text by XIAO Kun, Illustration by WEN Jun


Date of publication:2023.05.01

This book is a volume in the youth urban humanities reader series, “This Is Our City.” Starting with representative landscapes, architecture, and life scenes, the authors use lucid and sprightly language and fresh and lively illustrations to introduce Beijing’s history and culture, urban characteristics, representative buildings, traditions, and urban life, providing detailed descriptions of the outlook of Beijing’s streets, museums, parks, buildings, vehicles, and residents. It contains three large fold-out pages showcasing the city panorama, Beijing’s central axis, and the changing seasons of the hutongs. In addition to the main text, the book embeds knowledge points and hidden stories in the large illustrations so that parents and children can read while making discoveries.
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