MIMO Radar and 5G MIMO Communication Based on Complete Complementary Sequence

Author: Li Shufeng


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This book is suitable for graduate students engaged in MIMO radar and 5G mobile communication, engineers in mobile communication, and professionals who want to understand the situation related to the combination of complementary coding and MIMO. MIMO technology is widely applied in the fields of radar and communication, and this book studies its application in radar, communication and 5G mobile communication from the perspective of complementary sequence. The book is mainly divided in two parts, the first part being the study of complementary sequences and MIMO radar, including the basic principles of MIMO radar, and the design of orthogonal MIMO radar signal based on complete complementary coding; and the second part is the study of complementary sequences in MIMO communication ...

Intelligent Manufacturing: Frontiers and Implementation

Author: Zheng Li, Mo Li


Date of publication:2021.03.01

Intelligent manufacturing is the latest form of the development of advanced manufacturing and a powerful tool for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. This book is divided into three major parts: first, it talks about the history of intelligent manufacturing, systematically sorting out the theoretical development, and introducing the future theoretical trends and the latest application results; then, it provides an analysis on the frontier technologies of intelligent manufacturing, including intelligent products/equipment, big data and manufacturing intelligence, model-driven systems engineering, digital technology and manufacturing execution system; finally, with the automotive industry and defense industry as example, the design and implementation of the intelligent manufactu...

A Big Hug to You: A Heart-warming Illustration Tutorial in the Forest

Author: iger


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This book presents and demonstrates each step of the techniques by a rich series of works, which is different from the common single drawing media. The book contains mostly watercolor and colored pencil drawings, presenting a heart-warming and charming picture and texture effect. The style of the pictures is warm, cute and sweet, not only with detailed introduction of tools, but also with the source of creative inspiration. The author takes you through the incredible fun of painting with a wild imagination. This book is suitable for all those who love art and want to learn to draw, and is a fairy tale illustration for all ages

Traditional Chinese Culture (Second Edition)

Author: Wang Ji


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This book panoramically presents the long history and profoundness of traditional Chinese culture in twelve aspects, including philosophy, morality, religion, painting and calligraphy, poetry, traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and architecture. It is of great significance for students to cultivate traditional virtues, establish cultural confidence, feel the charm of culture and master the essence of culture. The book is written in language that is easy to understand, and uses a large number of living cases and beautiful pictures to vividly introduce the traditional Chinese culture, so that it is more compatible with the situation of higher education, and can foster character and civic virtue.

The Happy Quotient: a more important factor than IQ and EQ that decides one’s fate

Author: Ren Jun, Ying Xiaoping


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a book to help you improve your the happy quotient. Investment in the happy quotient can bring rich reward. From existing phycological studies, people with higher the happy quotient tend to lead a happier life, have better academic performance and greater career achievement in the future. For example, they have more stable love relationship, higher income, higher social status, longer life expectancy, and better job performance. To a certain extent, the fate that has been determined by IQ or EQ can only be further changed by the the happy quotient. This book not only compares the classical positive psychology theories related to the happy quotient, but also analyzes and summarizes the relevant social surveys and practical results, which can serve as a meaningful guidance in our ...

The Accountant Mother's Financial Quotient Lessons

Author: Li Yi


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a special book for parents and children to read together, which can help children improve their financial literacy and cultivate good learning habits. Through specific parent-child cases, solutions are provided to address several issues of particular concern to parents: what to do when children love to compare with others unrealistically, and always ask for things? What to do if children are obsessed with games and want to top up, and they make a scene or borrow from others if you refuse to give them money? Should parents give children pocket money or lucky money for the New Year? How to deal with so many idle toys and clothes of children at home? How to guide children to learn about saving? How to explain compound interest to the children? How do children get together with their f...
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