The Happy Quotient: a more important factor than IQ and EQ that decides one’s fate

Author: Ren Jun, Ying Xiaoping


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a book to help you improve your the happy quotient. Investment in the happy quotient can bring rich reward. From existing phycological studies, people with higher the happy quotient tend to lead a happier life, have better academic performance and greater career achievement in the future. For example, they have more stable love relationship, higher income, higher social status, longer life expectancy, and better job performance. To a certain extent, the fate that has been determined by IQ or EQ can only be further changed by the the happy quotient. This book not only compares the classical positive psychology theories related to the happy quotient, but also analyzes and summarizes the relevant social surveys and practical results, which can serve as a meaningful guidance in our ...

The Accountant Mother's Financial Quotient Lessons

Author: Li Yi


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This is a special book for parents and children to read together, which can help children improve their financial literacy and cultivate good learning habits. Through specific parent-child cases, solutions are provided to address several issues of particular concern to parents: what to do when children love to compare with others unrealistically, and always ask for things? What to do if children are obsessed with games and want to top up, and they make a scene or borrow from others if you refuse to give them money? Should parents give children pocket money or lucky money for the New Year? How to deal with so many idle toys and clothes of children at home? How to guide children to learn about saving? How to explain compound interest to the children? How do children get together with their f...

Fun Math and Python Programming

Author: Zhao Chengji


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book introduces some fun math contents for middle school students. For example, how to graphically show the shooting positions and success rates of NBA players by using a program? What is the probability that someone in the same class share the same birthday? What kind of roof drains the fastest? Questions in the book are carefully selected and arranged to keep in pace with math teaching in middle schools. In the meantime, it uses Python program to make these mathematical processes dynamic and generate GIFs, which make the learning process of math fun so it can arouse students’ interest in learning.

Fine Ceramic Processing

Author: Qi Longhao, Jiang Zhongliang


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book systematically introduces the various preparation processes of fine ceramics, including both mature processes and the latest development of processes, technologies and methods in this field, as well as the research results of the author’s group and the State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing of Tsinghua University over the years, especially the complete set of preparation processes for fine ceramic parts. This book can be used as a text book for the majors of materials, mechanical engineering, chemical, aviation, thermal energy, information and optics in colleges and universities, and also as a reference book for general engineers and scientific researchers.

Application and Practice of Deep Learning in Intelligent Diagnosis of Crop Diseases and Pests and Agricultural Intelligent Systems

Author: Tan Wenxue, Mei Xiaoyong, Wang Xiping, Tan Mingtao, Li Jianbo, Pan Chengqing


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book uses artificial intelligence methods such as deep machine learning to study the intelligent diagnosis of crop diseases and pests and its application and practice in agricultural intelligent systems, providing a large collection of image examples of crop diseases and MATLAB routines for reference of related personnel.

50 Lessons on the General Knowledge of Blockchain

Author: Wang Feng, Deng Peng, Shen Chong


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book talks about bitcoins, which then leads to blockchain, with 50 questions as the entry point. There are 6 chapters in the book: Chapter 1, the predecessor and development of bitcoin; Chapter 2, what exactly is blockchain; Chapter 3, do you really understand Facebook Diem; Chapter 4, why blockchain is a financial revolution in the first place; Chapter 5, how blockchain will change all walks of life; Chapter 6, what blockchain has to do with me. This book incorporates news, anecdotes and visible and perceptible objects around us to introduce blockchain technology and principles in an easy-to-understand manner, which makes it both interesting and story-like, so it is suitable as an introductory book for the general public to understand blockchain knowledge.
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