Fine Ceramic Processing

Author: Qi Longhao, Jiang Zhongliang


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book systematically introduces the various preparation processes of fine ceramics, including both mature processes and the latest development of processes, technologies and methods in this field, as well as the research results of the author’s group and the State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing of Tsinghua University over the years, especially the complete set of preparation processes for fine ceramic parts. This book can be used as a text book for the majors of materials, mechanical engineering, chemical, aviation, thermal energy, information and optics in colleges and universities, and also as a reference book for general engineers and scientific researchers.

Application and Practice of Deep Learning in Intelligent Diagnosis of Crop Diseases and Pests and Agricultural Intelligent Systems

Author: Tan Wenxue, Mei Xiaoyong, Wang Xiping, Tan Mingtao, Li Jianbo, Pan Chengqing


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book uses artificial intelligence methods such as deep machine learning to study the intelligent diagnosis of crop diseases and pests and its application and practice in agricultural intelligent systems, providing a large collection of image examples of crop diseases and MATLAB routines for reference of related personnel.

50 Lessons on the General Knowledge of Blockchain

Author: Wang Feng, Deng Peng, Shen Chong


Date of publication:2021.02.01

This book talks about bitcoins, which then leads to blockchain, with 50 questions as the entry point. There are 6 chapters in the book: Chapter 1, the predecessor and development of bitcoin; Chapter 2, what exactly is blockchain; Chapter 3, do you really understand Facebook Diem; Chapter 4, why blockchain is a financial revolution in the first place; Chapter 5, how blockchain will change all walks of life; Chapter 6, what blockchain has to do with me. This book incorporates news, anecdotes and visible and perceptible objects around us to introduce blockchain technology and principles in an easy-to-understand manner, which makes it both interesting and story-like, so it is suitable as an introductory book for the general public to understand blockchain knowledge.

Historical Architecture Map of Xizang and Qinghai

Author: Wang Nan, Lu Qingxin, Yuan Mu, Li Hexin, Tang Henglu, Zhang Zhicheng, Dai Fubo


Date of publication:2021.01.01

The book is divided into two parts, Xizang and Qinghai. The general characteristics of ancient architectures in Xizang Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province are outlined, while important and complete ancient architectures in the two places are selected, and their architectural features and artistic achievements are introduced. Meanwhile, some other major ancient buildings are displayed in the form of lists. This book not only brings together the wisdom and efforts of the members of the writing group, but also incorporates the valuable results of decades of research and mapping by scholastic precursors. The book is highly readable and faithful to the history account. It is easy to understand and suitable for collection, and is also a reference book for understanding and protecting relevant...

A Brief History of Imaginative Philosophy

Author: Qi Ge


Date of publication:2021.01.01

Philosophy is not a topic beyond our reach. Philosophers can be interesting and philosophy can be “universal”. Philosophy is closely related to our life, which can inspire us to look at problems in life from a different angle. This book takes you through the lives of 60 great philosophers. Through humorous analysis of views, unique character profiles, the passionate collision of various disciplines with philosophy, you will be able to swim in the ocean of philosophy, and reshape a different attitude towards philosophy!

Industrial Internet: Digital Transformation and Upgrading of the Whole Industry Chain

Author: Wang Yurong, Ge Xinhong


Date of publication:2021.01.01

Industrial Internet is a synthesis incorporating various supporting technologies and application scenarios, and it is also extremely complex in actual application. Therefore, it is never easy to truly understand and apply industrial Internet. This book systematically elaborates the development background, theoretical knowledge, top-level planning and transformation implementation of industrial Internet, so as to formulate a complete theoretical system and implementation methodology for industrial Internet. At the same time, the book includes practical cases in different fields of industrial Internet, clearly presenting the construction path of industrial Internet and its implementation effect by using an empirical approach. In terms of practice, the book also introduces some IT solu...
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