Historical Architecture Map of Shaanxi

Author: Chen Chi, Li Ruoshui, Yang Guang, Zhu Yuxi


Date of publication:2021.01.01

This book focuses on the existing historical architectures in Shaanxi Province (including world cultural heritage sites, and historical and cultural sites protected at the national, provincial and municipal level), with appropriate additions of some ancient tombs, ancient sites, grotto temples and stone carvings, as well as important modern and contemporary buildings. It mainly introduces 350 ancient buildings in 10 provincially administered municipality in Shaanxi Province. By searching for information, drawing maps, collecting and organizing relevant drawings, surveys and filming, and visiting, we faithfully record information of each historical architecture, including overview of the location of the historical architecture; its history, architectural structure, plane layout, architectur...

Cultural Relics in Liaoning-Shenyang Region

Author: Yang Xiaomei, Luo Xiaobing, Ma Xiaoying


Date of publication:2021.01.01

This book focuses on the 145 cultural relics in Liaoning Province that have been listed as important heritage sites under state protection. First, it introduces the six world cultural heritage sites in Liaoning Province; then, it presents the important heritage sites under state protection and important heritage sites under provincial and municipal protection in Shenyang City; finally, it introduces the important heritage sites under state protection in each city of Liaoning Province according to the four major regions in the province. The book is well arranged with clear clues, and through specific and real cultural relics, readers can have a deeper understanding on the historical development process of Liaoning-Shenzhen region and China as a whole.

Deep Learning – Evolution from Neural Networks to Deep Reinforcement Learning

Author: Wei Yifei, Wang Zhaoying, Li Jun


Date of publication:2021.01.01

This book first outlines the basic concepts and development history related to artificial intelligence and deep learning; then it introduces in detail the basic theories and algorithms of deep learning, including key technologies of neural networks, main framework and application examples of convolutional neural networks, models and applications of recurrent neural networks and unsupervised learning of deep neural networks, parameter optimization methods of deep neural networks, lightweight schemes of deep learning models, and deep learning cases at the mobile end; after that, the book describes the basic theories and algorithms of reinforcement learning, including traditional reinforcement learning methods and their derivative algorithms as well as new multi-agent or multi-task learning m...

Contemporary World and China

Author: Lin Huaiyi, Zhen Long, Jiang Di, Yan Xiao


Date of publication:2021.01.01

The world today is an open one. China’s development is inseparable from the world, and in the meantime, it contributes the Chinese wisdom and Chinese experience to the the development of the world. Starting from “Global Village, Chinese Dream”, this book emphasizes that the people in China and in the world share the same longing for a better life. On this basis, it systematically elaborates on the economy, democracy, rule of law, culture, science and technology, ecology, ethnicity and religion of the contemporary world and China, on contemporary international relations and China’s path of peaceful development, and on the future-oriented world and China, presenting a colorful scroll of the interaction between the world and China.

A Brief History of Imaginative Philosophy

Author: Qi Ge


Date of publication:2021.01.01

Philosophy is not a topic beyond our reach. Philosophers can be interesting and philosophy can be “universal”. Philosophy is closely related to our life, which can inspire us to look at problems in life from a different angle. This book takes you through the lives of 60 great philosophers. Through humorous analysis of views, unique character profiles, the passionate collision of various disciplines with philosophy, you will be able to swim in the ocean of philosophy, and reshape a different attitude towards philosophy!

Industrial Internet: Digital Transformation and Upgrading of the Whole Industry Chain

Author: Wang Yurong, Ge Xinhong


Date of publication:2021.01.01

Industrial Internet is a synthesis incorporating various supporting technologies and application scenarios, and it is also extremely complex in actual application. Therefore, it is never easy to truly understand and apply industrial Internet. This book systematically elaborates the development background, theoretical knowledge, top-level planning and transformation implementation of industrial Internet, so as to formulate a complete theoretical system and implementation methodology for industrial Internet. At the same time, the book includes practical cases in different fields of industrial Internet, clearly presenting the construction path of industrial Internet and its implementation effect by using an empirical approach. In terms of practice, the book also introduces some IT solu...
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