Design and Construction of Foundation Pit Engineering and Risk Control

Author: LIU Jun, ZHOU Yucheng, BAI Xuefeng


Date of publication:2023.04.01

Foundation pit engineering is an imperative branch in civil engineering, involving various disciplines such as engineering geology and hydrogeology, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, structural mechanics, soil-structure interaction, in situ testing technology, construction techniques, and environmental geotechnical engineering, showing a high degree of comprehensiveness. Foundation pit engineering is extensively applied but is also troubled by a high accident rate. Focusing on the risk control of foundation pit engineering, this book elaborates on the design and construction of foundation pit engineering using the most common forms of support structures. Foundation pit engineering with different support structures form has design, construction, and risk control systems of its own. Th...

Artificial Intelligence Written for Teenagers (Python Edition)

Author: CHENG Jing, WANG Meng, LIANG Ting


Date of publication:2023.04.01

The book introduces the basic knowledge and applications of artificial intelligence in a simple and easy-to-understand way, using case studies to make it easier for readers to read. The book consists of five chapters, starting with the introduction of basic knowledge about AI. It then covers natural language processing, image processing, speech recognition, and other AI research fields from the aspects of texts, images, and speech. Finally, practical cases are provided for readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI applications. This book is suitable for middle and high school students hoping to understand the basics and applications of AI. It can also serve as study material for beginners interested in AI.

What is Quantum Mechanics

Author: Changweijun


Date of publication:2023.04.01

This book uses a new approach distinct from conventional quantum mechanics popularizations, connecting and explaining fragmented and disorganized knowledge points in a more natural, elegant, and easily comprehensible way, constructing a coherent knowledge framework. It dispels some of the public’s common misconceptions about quantum mechanics and allows readers to understand quantum mechanics from a higher level and different angle. It helps you establish an analytical framework for quantum mechanics from scratch, enabling secondary school students to view problems from a quantum perspective. You will find that those strange quantum phenomena are actually quite natural, and you, too, can understand quantum mechanics.

Structure and Functional Basis of the Human Body

Author: LIU Shangming, YI Fan


Date of publication:2023.04.01

The human structure and functions is an integrative course explaining the normal morphological structure and life activity rules of the human body, the process of disease occurrence and development, and the principles of drug-body interactions. It covers four main aspects, namely, normal morphological structure and its occurrence, normal life activities and their rules, changes in human body structure and functions under pathological circumstances as well as symptoms and signs that may occur, and how drugs take effect within the human body and its mechanisms. Through studying this book, readers can gain a preliminary understanding of the normal morphological structure and activity rules of the human body, the process of disease occurrence and development, common symptoms and signs, and dis...

Laboratory Biosafety Capacity Building

Author: WU Guizhen


Date of publication:2023.04.01

Institutions engaged in biological research face a complex array of laboratory biosafety hazards that are challenging to manage. Furthermore, because of the increasingly complicated and ever-changing international biosafety situation, China’s strategic emerging industries are flourishing, leading to a growing demand for laboratories. As a result, incidents related to laboratory biosafety have surfaced from time to time. The biosafety concerns in laboratories primarily stem from laboratories’ wide collection and study of various microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, modern biotechnology is extensively employed for genetic manipulation, resulting in microorganisms with new traits and even artificially synthesized microorganisms. Structure change and modification of ...

Modeling and Analyzing Road Congestion Based on the Spatiotemporal Propagation of Traffic Shockwaves

Author: WANG Zhengli


Date of publication:2023.04.01

Based on the spatiotemporal propagation laws of traffic shockwaves, this book models and analyzes problems related to road congestion. The book is primarily innovative in the following three aspects: (1) It is the first time in the existing literature to find out that the shape of the spatiotemporal congestion area output by the model satisfies the propagation laws of traffic shockwaves by constructing mathematical programming models to estimate the spatiotemporal impact range of traffic accidents. Building on this research, the book extends to scenarios where multiple accidents occur within the spatiotemporal region and is used to identify secondary accidents. (2) Utilizing the spatiotemporal evolution of traffic flow speeds, it presents, for the first time, a method that simultaneously c...
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