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How to plant the seed of curiosity in the heart of children and maintain its vitality? How to wake up their inner feelings to work hard because of pure interest? This series of books, from a refreshing perspective, uses hand-drawn illustrations to depict the things that are tantalizing but invisible in ordinary life. Over 100 fascinating topics are discussed in these books, including bicycle sharing, high-speed rail, shield tunneling machine, keyboard, lock, elevator, traffic light, security checkpoint, Chinese caterpillar fungus, “nutrition war” between rice and barnyard grass, and bumper car. The 500-plus exquisite hand-painted pictures not only “disclose” small secrets, but shed light on humanities knowledge; and the 10 extra-long pullouts are so intriguing that children are drawn to explore the essence of science from multiple dimensions. Overall, this series of books motivate children to solve problems with scientific thinking, develop good habits of lifelong learning and prepare themselves for the future society. The series consists of 5 volumes: Fun Machine, Secrets of Cities, High-Powered Transportation Means, Magic Earth, Fascinating Plants.

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