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Based on the latest MATLAB 2016a, this book explains the knowledge about MATLAB/Simulink from simple to complex, and shows various functions of this software that users need to use. This book is well-organized and full of examples; the content is complete and each chapter is relatively separate. This book consists of three parts which are further divided into 16 chapters. Part 1 encompasses the basics about MATLAB, introduction to Simulink, Simulink modeling and simulation, and common command library of Simulink. The second part introduces the application of S-function, control system simulation, and PID control simulation. The last part is associated with advanced applications of Simulink, including fuzzy logic control, power system simulation, communication system simulation, neural network control simulation, sliding-mode control, vehicle system simulation, swarm intelligence algorithm simulation, and image processing simulation. Overall, it is a valuable reference book on MATLAB/Simulink.

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