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This series consists of 6 titles: ○ Chinese New Year's Eve ○ The Kitchen God ○ Flying Mountain ○ Nezha Conquers the Dragon King ○ Door God Zhong Kui ○ Goddess Baby-Bestower Flying Mountain: A long time ago, there lived a monk in Lingyin Temple by the West Lake, Hangzhou. He predicted that a mountain would fly over the village in front of Lingyin Temple, but no one believed him. What could he do? It just happened that one household is holding a wedding. Suddenly an idea struck him. He grabbed the bride, carried her on his shoulders and ran to the opposite mountains. “What a weird thing! The monk wants a bride also!” All the villagers ran after the monk and just as they reached the peak, a mountain flied over and crashed on the village! Everyone was stunned. The monk has saved the village using his wit. From then on, the mountain was named “flying mountain”.

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