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The book From Data to Insights: Report on Big Data Mining Cases is a masterpiece of the big data research team with KPMG, an internationally renowned consulting company. Instead of being limited to technical interpretations, this book tries to explain big data mining with detailed and intriguing cases from daily life, work and learning scenarios, so as to reveal the value and significance of the data. Chapter 1 introduces the application and prospects of big data in various fields such as banking, credit reporting, auditing, traditional manufacturing, Internet industry, public opinion monitoring, film and television industry, environmental protection industry and sports industry. Chapter 2 focuses on the role of big data analysis in business and marketing. Chapter 3 introduces the preliminary preparation of the data involved in the big data mining process, focusing on the key points and tips for data preparation. Chapter 4 combines business, life, entertainment, and education to introduce the practical application of big data.

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