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At the time when this book was being prepared, the trade war between the US and China was yet started. But now the US appears as ferocious as a monster, which highlights the fundamental dilemma of Chinese culture that this book explores. Though these dilemmas are ever-changing, their rules and answers are covered in this book. In the future, the world will need more and more warm Chinese culture. In this book, the author describes a fascinating journey of his heart by employing concise language, deep thinking and elaborate organization. It gives readers a panoramic view of the significant role of Chinese culture in today’s world. What are the drawbacks in the western-led globalization? Why should the warm Chinese culture participate in global governance? How many difficulties are there in front of the revival of Chinese culture? This book unfolds a wonderful and colorful picture of the Oriental beauty and elegance; it will lead readers to comprehend the Chinese culture from a wholly new perspective, view the west as equal and step on the journey of revitalization. Cultural confidence is our fundamental dependence. We shall open our mind to recover the broken cultural landscape deep in our heart.

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