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Based on the idea for integrating optics, mechanical structure, electronics, computer, software and control, this book systematically discusses the methods and practices of optoelectronic system design. It is divided into 12 chapters: optoelectronic system and its design outline; target and environmental radiation and its engineering calculation; engineering theoretical calculation of radiation and atmospheric transmittance; optical system and its design; staring infrared imaging system and its engineering design; CCD & CMO and their application system design; optoelectronic weak signal processing and design; engineering theoretical calculation of optoelectronic system operating distance and overall technical design; solar photovoltaic power generation and its system design; optoelectronic system software development and design; optoelectronic system structure and modular design; optoelectronic servo control system and design. This book sums up the author’s practical work experiences and scientific research results, and combines basic theories and engineering cases.

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