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Encountering Sorrow is a literary work created by Qu Yuan, a poet of the warring states period. Every year, the Zongzi – a traditional Chinese rice-pudding in memory of Qu Yuan – eaten by Chinese is more than the total publications of Encountering Sorrow. This book, by combining annotations and illustrations, exhibits the Encountering Sorrow in a romantic manner in front of readers. Once a work becomes a classic, it seems to be fettered and no longer able to freely release any literature elf to tease readers’ soul. But in this book, the vivid pictures and texts will lead readers to roam peacefully in romantic poems. This version of book presents a world full of contradictions, many of which are unintelligible. Without the techniques of metaphor and analogy, the journey from heaven to earth and the sentimental attachment to goddesses and witches seem ridiculous, but for a work written at the beginning of civilization, it is these illusions that have retained the power untamed by later civilizations.

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