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This book teases out the complicated western translation theories, such as the school of translation studies, the school of multiple systems, the school of description, the school of function, the school of deconstruction and the school of culture. It points out the omissions of the contemporary western translation theories in answering the basic questions of translation studies; defines several important relationships involved in translation; proposes to construct a new system of translation studies, i.e., meta-translation study, macro-translation study and micro-translation study (two levels and three dimensions). This book challenges and subverts the traditional translation theories, profoundly analyzes the argumentation basis of these theories, and points out their logic loopholes. It is a criticism of critical translation studies and a subversion of subversive translation studies. On the basis of comprehensively reflecting on the contemporary deconstruction and cultural translation studies and absorbing their rationality, the book returns to the traditional translation studies, in an attempt to lay a solid foundation for the new translatology.

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