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This book focuses on the Sino-Japanese trade relations from the 1370s to the mid-1700s. It probes into the establishment, evolution, disintegration and reconstruction of the negotiation system and trade model between China and Japan in this period, and analyzes the political implications of these issues, in an attempt to outline the historical track and structural characteristics of the changes on the East Asian regional order in modern times. The main features of this book are as follows: (1) It clearly expounds the modern Sino-Japanese trade model and the East Asian regional order in a long period of time; (2) It carefully examines the formation and alteration of the Tribute-Kanhe Trade System between Ming China and Japan, and elaborates on the characteristics of the Unidirectional Trade between China and Tokugawa Japan, which vigorously promotes the study on the Tributary Trade System and Bidirectional Trade System – a long-standing research subject in the academic circle.

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