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From a systematical and dialectical perspective, this book observes and thinks about the life and habits of Chinese people; differentiates the realistic expressions of human sentiment and mentality, and analyzes their causes, in an attempt to show the advantages and disadvantages in interpersonal relationships caused by human connection, and explore a road to happiness beyond the ordinary human connection and worldly wisdom. A wide range of examples of “disposition”, “friendship” and “worldly affairs”, which are illuminating and straightforward, is taken to interpret human mind from what he does and says, and from how he deals with other people. This book is not a list of worldly skills or a study of criticism, but a reflection of human nature and needs on the basis of Chinese culture and social reality; and a contemplation on the sophistication and simplicity, virtues and vices, beauty and ugliness of human beings. There are descriptions of important and trivial matters everywhere, as well as observation and thinking from a unique perspective, this book will enable readers to taste mixed emotions of their own and other people’s lives

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