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This book selects a total of 313 historical and cultural cities, towns and villages, major historical and cultural sites protected at the national, provincial and municipal level in Jiangxi Province, covering various types, such as cities, villages and towns, tombs, historic sites, palaces and temples, ancestral halls, government offices, academies, gardens, residential houses, pagodas, memorial archways and bridges. In addition, some of the valuable and ornamental cultural heritage sites are introduced in the form of lists. The book uses simple language to explain profound knowledge, supplemented with pictures taken during the field survey and relevant historical information. It uses both pictures and texts to introduce the historical development, structure features, artistic achievements and preservation status of each cultural heritage architecture. The book can be used for popularizing the knowledge of ancient Chinese architecture and as a tourist brochure, as well as a reference material for studying cities and architecture in Jiangxi Province.

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