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Book Launch of the Arabic Edition of Great Chinese Industrial Revolution at the Frankfurt International Book Fair

On October 19th, 2023, the Arabic edition of Great Industrial Revolution of China: A Critique of General Principles of Development Political Economy was launched at the 75th Frankfurt International Book Fair, by Tsinghua University Press (TUP) and Arab Scientific Publishers (ASP) from Lebanon at the collective China Booth. Dr. Qiu Xianqing, President of TUP, Bassam Chebaro, President of ASP, the author Wen Yi and translator Lu Yingbo shared their insights in the form of video speeches.

Book Launch of the Arabic version of the Great Industrial Revolution of China: A Critique of General Principles of Development Political Economy

Starting from China's experience, the book Great Industrial Revolution of China rethinks and reinterprets the theory of development economics and principles of political economy to account for the key steps and "know-how" of China's rapid industrialization and socioeconomic transformation since 1978. This book reveals the significance of China's peaceful rise and shows the world that there is an alternative path of economic development for major powers in the new era.

Dr. QIU Xianqing, President of TUP delivers speech

Dr. Qiu Xianqing delivered an opening speech entitled "Contribute Chinese Wisdom to World Prosperity". He first thanked ASP and the translator, Lu Yingbo, a professor at the Middle East School of Beijing Language and Culture University, who made great efforts to bring about the Arabic version. He said that the publication of this book in Arabic-speaking areas serve as a good opportunity to enhance the Arab world's understanding of China's special development path and achievements, and provide valuable reference for developing countries aspiring to get prosperous.

Mr. Bassam Chebaro, President of ASP delivers video speech

Arab Scientific Publishers (ASP) is a renowned book publisher in Lebanon with rich experience in international copyright trade. Established in 1987, it boasts a long history and first started cooperation with Chinese counterparts as early as 2007. In 2020, Mr. Bassam Chebaro, President of ASP, won the 14th China Book Special Contribution Award for his outstanding contributions on promoting Chinese books and enhancing cultural exchanges between China and the Arab world.

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