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Deputy General Editor SUN Yu Attends the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 National Lifelong Learning Week

On November 14, the opening ceremony of 2023 National Lifelong Learning Week was held in Chongqing city. SUN Yu, deputy general editor of Tsinghua University Press(TUP), attended the event and recommended the book Guardians of Life: Immunity, Cancer and the Cure in the General Editors’ Pick part.

SUN Yu Recommends Guardians of Life 

Started from 2005, the National Lifelong Learning Week has been held for 18 consecutive years, involving more than 400 million participants in the relevant education and learning activities.

General Editors’ Pick

The General Editors’ Pick program is an important part of the National Lifelong Learning Week. Three TUP titles--Guardians of Life, Integration of Civilizations and Wise Parents’  Classroom have been shortlisted.

Shortlisted Titles

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