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TUP Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Rong Tong Medical and Healthcare Journal Publishing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

On March 30th, 2024, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Tsinghua University Press (TUP) and Rong Tong Medical and Health Journal Publishing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was held. SUN Yu, Deputy General Editor of TUP, attended the signing ceremony.

SUN Yu and HONG Weihua signed the strategic cooperation agreement

During the same period, the launching conference of “China Rong Tong Medical Journals Program” was held in Sichuan Provincial Government in Beijing Office. The program consists of 30 medical journals, including 8 journals in the Zhonghua (literally translated into Chinese)” series, i.e. Chinese Journal of Health Care and Medicine, Chinese Journal of Geriatric Heart Brain and Vessel DiseasesChinese Journal of Otology, National Journal of Andrology, etc, and 7 journals in the Zhongguo (literally translated into China)” series, i.e. Chinese Journal of Drug Application and Monitoring, Chinese Journal of Extracorporeal Circulation,  Chinese Journal of Extracorporeal Circulation, etc. With over 4,000 renowned experts serving as editorial board members across various medical disciplines, including more than 50 academicians as editors-in-chiefs or advisors, the scale, influence and authority of these journals are unparalleled, ranking among the foremost in Chinas medical field.

More than 200 leaders and experts, including heads of organizations, editors-in-chiefs and directors of editorial departments made presence at the ceremony.  Among them were representatives from the founding organizers of 30 journals, as well as dignitaries from the National Press and Publication Administration, the National Health Commission of China, the China Periodicals Association, the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.   

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement signifies not only a significant milestone in deepening the partnership between TUP and Rong Tong Medical and Healthcare Journal Publishing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in the field of publishing, but also a commitment to jointly promote academic exchange in the medical field. This collaboration aims to foster the growth of life sciences and medicine in China, enhance the international standing of Chinese medical journals, and contribute Chinese wisdom to the the global medical community.

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