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TUP Released the Chinese Version of DK Children’s Encyclopedia

On June 19th, 2024, the Chinese version of DK Children’s Encyclopedia was released by TUP at the National Convention Center on the Opening day of the 30th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF). HAO Zhengxing, Chinese Society of Editors and former President of China Press and Publication Research Institute, QIU Xianqing, President of Tsinghua University Press (TUP), Caroline Purslow, Sales Director of DK Asia, and ZHANG Jinshuo, Curator of the National Zoological Museum of China attended the book launch. The event was presided over by Sun Yu, Deputy General Editor of TUP.

The Release Ceremony of DK Children’s Encyclopedia

QIU Xianqing first extended his heartfelt congratulations on DK’s 50th Anniversary, underlining the fruitful cooperation and key achievements shared between TUP and DK. He emphasized that in order to guarantee the quality of DK Children’s Encyclopedia, TUP assembled a panel of review experts, including Zhao Qinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Guosheng, Professor from the School of Humanities at Tsinghua University, Zhang Jinshuo, Curator of the National Zoological Museum of China, Jiang Li, supervisor of the Academy of Chinese Culture, and Zhang Qin, Head of Mathematics Teaching and Research at Tsinghua University High School. Additionally, a dedicated team of professional translators and editors was established to ensure accuracy and readability. QIU Xianqing expressed his aspiration that DK Childre’s Encyclopedia would serve not only as a wise mentor but also a trusted companion to young readers, fostering their growth into well-informed and versatile teenager of the new era.

President QIU Xianqing Delivers a Speech

HAO Zhensheng stressed that the editing and publishing of high-quality popular science books is of great significance in fostering a culture of universal reading, thereby catalyzing innovation and development within our nation. The DK Children’s Encyclopedia stands out as a testament to this, being not merely an exemplary work of popular science adorned with exquisite illustrations and informative text, but also a distinguished children’s book and a readily accessible encyclopedia. He hoped that TUP would actively embrace the policy of “bringing in” and “going out”, and integrate “introducing outstanding foreign popular science achievements” with a focused commitment to cultivating original popular science works. By doing so, HAO Zhensheng hopes to see TUP publish an even greater number of exceptional popular science and encyclopedia titles, further enriching the literary landscape.

HAO Zhenxing, Chairman of Chinese Society of Editors and Former President of China Press and Publication Research Institute Delivers a Speech

Caroline Purslow said DK Children’s Encyclopedia, with its singular viewpoint, abundant and vibrant textual content and vivid illustrations, opens a new window for children to explore the world. Be it the mysteries of nature, the progression of human civilization, or the unraveling of scientific principles, this tome serves as a repository where children can seek and find answers. The editorial team has meticulously crafted each subject's content for effortless comprehension, complemented by exquisite photography and inter-topic reference links. These features facilitate children's comprehensive understanding of the relationships among topics, while also teaching them how to utilize an encyclopedia. It is a companion that not only accompanies children through a joyful childhood but also ushers them into the vast sea of knowledge, nurturing their wisdom along the way.

Caroline Purslow Sales Director of DK Asia Delivers a Speech

Drawing from his extensive experience in publishing and reviewing popular science and encyclopedia literature, Zhang Jinshuo recounted his collaborative journey with both TUP and DK. As a reviewing expert, he highlighted the unique characteristics and contemporarily relevant content of the DK Children’s Encyclopedia. Zhang Jinshuo remarked that the encyclopedia boasts exceptional quality, tailored to the reading preferences of Chinese children, and is instrumental in enhancing their scientific literacy, thereby fostering a generation well-equipped to navigate the modern world with knowledge and understanding.

Zhang Jinshuo, Curator of the National Zoological Museum of China

The event marked not only the release of the acclaimed DK Children’s Encyclopedia but also the unveiling of two additional titles: DK Children’s Encyclopedia (Comic Edition) and DK Ocean Encyclopedia. This signifies a pivotal moment in the partnership between TUP and DK, as they pledge to broaden the horizons of their collaboration, committing to introducing an array of superior publications to their readership.

The DK Children's Encyclopedia stands as a monumental work, encompassing 265 subjects and specialized themes across nine disciplinary realms: Art, Humanities, History, Earth, Nature, Science, Technology, Space, and the Human Body. By employing a visually captivating and engaging graphical narrative, it transforms complex knowledge into an accessible and absorbing format. This approach actively encourages children's innate curiosity and imagination, nurturing their ability to think across multiple disciplines.

In its most recent 2022 revision, the original DK Children's Encyclopedia has been meticulously updated to reflect the evolving landscape of our times. Sixteen new topics and special features have been incorporated, addressing contemporary issues such as Architecture, Viruses, Pandemics, Nanotechnology, Space Exploration, Neurodiversity, and Artificial Body Parts. This refreshed edition underscores DK's commitment to staying abreast with global developments, ensuring that young readers are equipped with the most pertinent and up-to-date information – a testament to its status as DK's flagship encyclopedia.

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