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Learn Classics with Interest and Enjoy Life with Wisdom: The Traditional Chinese Version of “Masters’ Essence Course” Series Was Released

On June 20, 2024, Tsinghua University Press (TUP) and Taiwan Songbook Publishing Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the launch of the traditional Chinese version of the "Masters' Essence Course" series amidst the bustling 30th Beijing International Book Fair. The event was graced by the presence of CHEN Juan, Vice Chairman of TUP, HUANG Ronghua, Chief Editor of China Taiwan Songbook Publishing Co., Ltd., and representative author of the series, Professor ZHENG Wei. SUN Yu, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of TUP, moderated the ceremony.

CHEN Juan first delivered an opening speech titled "Collaboratively scripting a new chapter in enlightenment and wisdom." In her speech, CHEN Juan highlighted the history of successful collaborations between TUP and Taiwan Songbook Publishing Co., Ltd., which have yielded numerous premium publications in traditional Chinese script. She underscored that the unveiling of the traditional Chinese version of the "Masters' Essence Course" series symbolizes a monumental milestone in their partnership, effectively bridging the gap and making TUP's finest literary offerings accessible to readers in the Taiwan Province. This initiative not only celebrates the richness of classical learning but also fosters cultural exchange and intellectual enrichment across the strait.

CHEN Juan, Vice Chairman of TUP, Delivered a Speech

HUANG Ronghua introduced the cooperation between the two sides and the publication of the series in Taiwan Province, and said that the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation to provide better spiritual food for global readers.

HUANG Ronghua, General Editor of Taiwan Songbook Publishing Co., Ltd. Delivered a Speech

At the launch, the guests witnessed the official debut of the traditional Chinese version of the “Masters Essense Course” series. The series assembled the wisdom of many renowned scholars from both China and abroad, covering subjects as psychology, logic, management, literature, and more. Characterized by its accessible narrativethe series invites readers to immerse themselves in the allure and profundity of classical knowledge.

The Traditional Chinese Version of the “Masters Essense Course” Series Unveiled

Professor ZHENG Wei's remarks about his work Literature is Very Interesting: The Essence of 16 Masters, a volume within the "Masters' Essence Course" series, underscore the humanistic essence of literary engagement. By encouraging readers to 'converse' with literary pieces, ZHENG Wei advocates for a deeply personal and emotive approach to understanding literature. His emphasis on enabling self-expression through literature rather than mere critique fosters a more active and intimate reading experience, inviting audiences to see themselves reflected in the works of the masters.

LIU Yang's insights as the series editor shed light on the meticulous curation and innovative pedagogy embedded in the "Masters' Essence Course." By transforming classical texts into lively lectures, Liu and his team at the Publishing House have successfully bridged the gap between academic depth and popular appeal. This approach not only respects the intellectual rigor of the source material but also ensures its relevance and accessibility to a contemporary audience, thereby invigorating public interest in these timeless works.

SUN Yu's conclusion encapsulates the broader significance of the series’ launch. It symbolizes the successful collaboration between TUP and China Taiwan Songbook Publishing Co. Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, this collection offers a moment of respite, an invitation to engage with the elegance and profundity of classic literature, enriching the lives of readers and fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural heritage. The launch, therefore, marks a triumph in making the wisdom of the past resonate with the present, nurturing minds and celebrating the enduring power of human creativity.

Guests Attending the Event

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