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English Version of Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization Released at Beijing International Book Fair

On June 21, Tsinghua University Press (TUP) and Elsevier, a world-renowned academic publisher, held a book launch of the English version of Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization. The event, themed "Into an Intelligent Future: Academic Publishers' Mission in Advancing Technological Progress" took place at the 30th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF). Mr. Zong Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, Dr. Sun Yu, Deputy General Editor of TUP, Dr. Glyn Jones, Publisher of Elsevier, and Prof. Xu Hua, the author, unveiled the book together. The book launch attracted interest and attention from experts and scholars alike.

In his address, Zong emphasized that in this new era defined by artificial intelligence’s leadership in technological revolution and industrial transformation, intelligent evolutionary optimization has emerged as one of the most rapidly advancing sectors within computer science. Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization endeavors to refine the theoretical frameworks of these cutting-edge technologies, facilitating their implementation in tangible problem-solving scenarios, thereby imparting Chinese insights to the global endeavor on artificial intelligence.

Dr. Glyn Jones highly appreciated the cooperation with TUP and the book’s authors, noting that Elsevier’s enduring commitment to promoting global scientific progress finds vivid expression in the publication of the English version of Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization. He is confident that this volume will serve as a precious academic asset for researchers around the world.

Prof. Xu delved into the book's core content and academic value, saying that Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization integrates the two major fields of evolutionary computation and intelligent optimization, and is a bridge connecting theoretical advances and practical applications. He expressed his gratitude and pride for the partnership with Elsevier and TUP in bringing the English edition to fruition, thus showcasing the research outcomes of Chinese scholars on the global stage.

The launch of the English version of Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization not only demonstrates the outstanding achievements and innovative spirit of Tsinghua scholars, but also fosters academic dialogue between China and the West in the realms of science and technology. It will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the global dissemination of Chinese wisdom.

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