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TUP Attends the 30th Beijing International Book Fair

From June 19 to 23, the 30th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) was held at the China National Convention Center. This year’s BIBF attracted 1,600 exhibitors from 71 countries and regions, featuring 220,000 titles from around the world and over 1,000 events. Saudi Arabia was the guest country of honor at the 30th BIBF.

Tsinghua University Press (TUP) attaches great importance to its participation in BIBF. Demonstrating this commitment, ZONG Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, QIU Xianqing, President of TUP, LU Xianhe, Executive Deputy General Editor and Vice President of TUP, CHEN Juan, Vice Chairman of TUP, ZHUANG Hongquan, Vice President of TUP, SUN Yu, Deputy General Editor of TUP, SHI Lei, Deputy General Editor of TUP, engaged in meaningful dialogues with key partners from from Springer Nature, Elsevier and DK Publishing at the TUP booth, and took part in pivotal events, notably attending the awarding ceremony of the 17th Special Book Award of China on behalf of TUP. During the BIBF, QIU Xianqing endorsed TUP’s lastest publication, China Fashion: Daughters of Tang Dynasty (Second Edition), to readers. This promotion attracted coverage from media outlets, including the China Publishing & Media Journal, effectively amplifying the books visibility.

In addition to exhibiting more than 400 premier titles, TUP also set up an area to display hundreds of titles licensed overseas,. TUP also demonstrated 57 academic journals and SciOpen, the international digital publishing platform for STEM journals, as well as the key products of digital publishing - management system of digital copyrights, service platform for digital textbooks, and WisFount Knowledge Base. To better engage with the audience, the TUP booth featured a prominent LED screen, continuously playing high-definition video. These presentations highlighted recommended books, journals and digital platforms, attracting visitors and inviting them to explore TUP products.

Ten book launch and sharing events were held, featuring a diverse array of titles that have been published overseas, such as Machine Learning Methods (English version), Intelligent Evolutionary Optimization (English version), Masters’ Essence Course Series (Traditional Chinese version), and DK Children's Encyclopedia (Chinese version), as well as Chinese works such as How to Fulfill College Life, Study Entrepreneurship from CPC: the Wisdom of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Over the Past Century, The 18th Year of Jiaqing Reign: The Collapse of the Qing Dynasty, Kucha Cave-temples Art, The Modern Aesthetics of Daily Life - The Art of Flower Arrangementand Painting Chuang TzuThese events have been met with success, with over 100 press releases and media coverage from a dozen of outlets including China.com, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and Chinaxwcb.com.

At the same time, led by the Marketing Dept. and the Distribution Dept., a live-streaming room was also set up. The online knowledge-sharing influencer, who cooperated with the editors, were invited to sell books through live streaming platforms such as Tiktok and WeChat. Articles were published by China Press, Publication, Radio Film and Television Journal, etc., introducing the achievements in international cooperation and the highlights of this year’s BIBF, such as “the successful international journey of Salvation Lies Within (English Version), and the half-page of advertisement was also released to introduce the new titles of TUP. The Intl. Cooperation Dept. actively engaged in dialogues with international publishers, exploring opportunities to expand collaboration.

According to the 2023 report on the influence of Chinese books overseas, jointly certified by China Publishing & Media Journal and Beijing Foreign Studies University during the BIBF, TUP ranked 35th among Top 100 Influential publishers with 74 Chinese books finding their place in overseas libraries; and ranked 5th among the Top 100 Influential Publishers in Overseas Library Collections of English Books.

The success of this years BIBF is a testament to the support and close collaboration between various departments within TUP, in particular the Marketing Dept. And the Distribution Dept. Their concerted efforts ensured the smooth execution of the exhibition, underscoring the high standard of our copyright trade practices.

The Booth of TUP in BIBF

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