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Joint Meetings of the 2024 China Digital Health Conference and the Inaugural Forum on Chaoyang Digital Health Industry Development Held

On July 5th to 6th, joint meetings of the 2024 China Digital Health Conference (CDHC) and the Inaugural Forum on Chaoyang Districts Digital Health Industry Development were held at China National Convention Center under the theme of Breakthrough, Transformation, and Restructuring” within the broader framework of the 2024 Global Digital Economy Conference. The conference was hosted by the Organizing Committee for the Global Digital Economy Conference, China Medicine Education Association (CMEA), organized by Chen Jumei Foundation and Chaoyang District Peoples Government of Beijing Municipality, and sponsored by Digital Health Special Committee of CMEA, Chaoyang District Alliance for Innovation and Development of Digital Health Industry, and Tsinghua University Press (TUP).

FENG Haicang, first-class Inspector (Director) of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Peoples Republic of China, LI Dachuan, Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the National Health Commission of the PRC, and PAN Feng, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, attended the conference and delivered speeches. SHU Bilei, Member of Beijing Chaoyang District Standing Committee (the conference organizer), and Deputy Chief Executive of District Government, HUANG Zhengming, tenured Honorary President of CMEA, LU Xianhe, Executive Deputy General Editor and Vice President of TUP, DONG Jiahong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, LIU Liang, Chairman of the Digital Health Special Committee of CMEA and Director of the Second Medical Center, the Chinese PLA General Hospital, delivered speeches at the conference. The opening ceremony of the conference was hosted by LIU Liang, and SUN Yu, Vice Chairman of the Digital Health Special Committee of CMEA and Deputy General Editor of TUP. Nearly 1,000 people attended the conference, including members of the Digital Health Special Committee of CMEA, representatives from more than 100 medical, scientific research, and higher education institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and digital innovative enterprises, investment banks, government agencies, and the media.

LU Xianhe, Executive Deputy General Editor and Vice President of TUP, makes a speech.

LU Xianhe said in his speech that developing new productive forces is both an inherent necessity and instrumental in driving high-quality development. The rapid evolution of digital technologies, driven by advances in artificial intelligence and big data, has recently engendered pivotal breakthroughs” in new quality productive forces, and cutting-edge development in the field of medical care, ushering in novel transformations” in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, thereby accelerating the innovation and restructuring” of the healthcare industry as a whole. LU Xianhe then outlined TUPs portfolio, which encompasses textbooks, monographs and STEM journals, expressing his aspiration that TUPs global knowledge service platform may facilitate the dissemination of groundbreaking scientific research findings worldwide. He also urged for these efforts to promote the digitization and industrial advancement of the medical industry.

Representatives and guests at the conference witnessed the enhanced collaboration among government agencies, academia, industry, and healthcare sectors, marked by the launch of a series of landmark projects. They encapsulates the latest innovative endeavors and progress in the field of digital health.

SUN Yu, Vice Chairwoman of the Digital Health Special Committee of CMEA and Deputy General Editor of TUP, hosts the opening ceremony

The Blue Book on Innovation and Development of Digital Health in China (hereinafter referred to as the Blue Book), published by TUP, was officially released at the event. The Editor-in-Chief, Chief Reviewer, and Deputy Editors-in-Chief of the Blue Book were present to share the titles core content and key research findings. 

The Blue Book aims to conduct in-depth research on the current status of innovation and development in Chinas digital health sector, analyze the impact of global digital technology innovation trends on Chinas healthcare system, and put forward strategic recommendations on the application in digital health.

Nearly 100 editors of the Blue Book come from top medical institutions, medical schools and research institutes, such as the government agencies, national clinical medical research centers, national medical centers, engineering research centers, key laboratories, and national key clinical specialties. The editors specialize in clinical medicine, evidence-based medicine, artificial intelligence, information science, hospital management, scientific research and management, clinical research, policy research, industrial transformation, etc.

Launching Ceremony of the Blue Book on Innovation and Development of Digital Health in China

Academic forums were held in the conference. Attendees included over 50 leading experts in medicine, managers of medical institutions and domestic head medical big model organizations. They had in-depth exchanges of views on AI promoting the transformation of the medical model, AI-driven medical evidence-based decision-making, and AI fostering medical innovation, and made suggestions.

The healthy development of Chinas digital health sector will inject new impetus into Chinas and even the global digital economy. The joint meetings of 2024 CDHC and the Inaugural Forum on Chaoyang Digital Health Industry Development have presented an advanced innovative academic feast to the industry, and have also become a trend in the development of digital health ecosystems and clusters in Chaoyang District.

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