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Beautiful Chemistry is the Winner of Innovation Award for Digital Publication

Beautiful Chemistry, the digital project on popular science originally produced by Tsinghua University Press, won the “Innovation Award” at the 6th Chinese Digital Publication Exposition on July 16th. This award aims at promoting the products which have positive effects on digital publication industry and can actually improve the industry.

The project of Beautiful Chemistry uses 4K high resolution camera to capture the surprisingly beautiful color and details of chemical reactions. It also shows the chemical structures and their changes published in top scientific journals, such as Science, Nature, et al. With advanced digital technology, Beautiful Chemistry shows the beauty and the mystery of chemistry to ordinary people, changing the negative image of chemistry and making more and more youth to get interested in chemistry.

The 6th Chinese Digital Publication Exposition shows the newest accomplishment of digital publication in China. The winning of the award indicates Beautiful Chemistry is an innovative and leading project in this digital publication area. Its impact and specialty have been recognized by the experts and related institutes.

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