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China in 2020: Building a Well-off Society

Author: Hu Angang
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2012.09.01
Page Count:140

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This book reviews China’s modernization process since its reform and opening up. It discusses the birth, development and characteristics of modernization development in China. Using experience from overseas for reference, it presents eight goals for Chinese development: structure and economy development, human structure, education structure, sustainable development, harmony and security of the society, democracy and law, to build a modernized China with harmony and civilization. It provides suggestions for building a well-off society. The first edition of this book was used a background research material for the 17th national congress of the CPC. In this book, which is the second edition, the author uses research results in the recent years, systematically revises data and discussions to help readers to understand 2020 Chinese goal further. At the same time, it is a good reference for readers to understand the spirit of 18th National Congress of the CPC.

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  • 第一章 邓小平“三步走”的战略构想(1.5万字);第二章 21世纪上半叶“新三步”战略构想(1.5万字);第三章 国际背景和“千年发展目标(2万字);第四章 2020年发展目标设计(2万字);第五章 各地区如何全面建设小康社会(3万字)。

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