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A Comprehensive Dictionary of Chinese/English Idioms with English/Chinese Translations

Author: Xueying Zhang, Hui Zhang
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2014.02.01
Page Count:2128

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This is a comprehensive dictionary of Chinese/English idioms which is new and accurate. The essence of both Chinese and English has been collected in this book, making it a masterpiece. This dictionary has included more than 35,000 Chinese idioms and nearly 20,000 English idioms. Nearly 200,000 piece of translations and 27,000 illustrations, as well as 1,800 notes were also included in it. What’s more, more than 400 word differentiations are added. This dictionary can meet the demand of language learners, translators, staff working on tourism or foreign trade and affairs, English teachers, teachers and students of junior colleges, English self-learners and foreigners who learn Chinese. It is an authoritative bilingual reference book.

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