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Clinical Study of Burns: Burn Shock, Infection, Nutrition, Repair and Reconstruction (Second Edition)

Author: Sheng Zhiyong, Guo Zhenrong
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2019.05.01
Page Count:672

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The compilation of this book is led by academician Sheng Zhiyong–Chinese renowned expert in burn surgery. In this book there are thematic discussions on the hot issues of common concern in the field of burn surgery, such as burn shock, infection, nutrition, repair and reconstruction, nutrition metabolism, post-plastic surgery and rehabilitation. This latest edition encompasses some new knowledge about burn prevention, sepsis, pathophysiology of burn shock, reconstructive surgery, psychological and functional rehabilitation of patients with severe burns.

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  • Sheng Zhiyong is a well-known specialist in trauma and burn surgery, a professor of special studies, a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one of the main pioneers of trauma and burns treatment in China. Guo Zhenrong is a professor of surgery, chief physician and doctoral tutor. He graduated from Beijing Medical College in August 1962 and received special allowances from the State Council.

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