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Principles of TD-LTE System and Wireless Network Optimization

Author: Dou Zhongzhao, Wang Gongpu, Feng Suili
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2019.08.01
Page Count:380

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This book focuses on the key points and difficulties of TD-LTE network optimization. Starting from the basic principles of TD-LTE, it comprehensively and deeply introduces the signaling process, key algorithms and typical parameter settings of TD-LTE system, elaborates the methods and processes of wireless network optimization, and analyzes the topics of drive test, switching, call dropping and throughput rate. And finally, it expounds and analyzes hotspots of wireless network self-organization, as well as the future network evolution and 5G key technologies. This book is a professional work that integrates the principles of LTE wireless network and practical experience in optimization, and is mainly applicable to researchers and engineers in wireless communications.

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