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Innovation Embedded within Growth: Technological Catch-up and Innovation with Intellectual Property Rights in Science-based Industries

Author: Lei Jiaxiao, Zhang Qingzhi, Zhang Peng, Wang Yilin
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.05.01
Page Count:312

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This book is an attempt to solve the problem of how can China catch up with the developed countries by relying on the science-based industries. There are ten chapters in this book. The previous three chapters are a prelude to the following complicated content: they respectively present problems and define important concepts, introduce the relevant researches at home and abroad, and describe the research design on the topic of science-based industries. Chapter 4 distinguishes the science-based industries from the technology-based industries. Chapter 5 discusses the technological catch-up in science-based industries in developed countries, with focus placed on industry model and path. The following three chapters, which are all about the independent innovation in science-based industries in developed countries, respectively discuss the transformation of the Nobel Prize achievements, the role of scientists and enterprises, and the model of innovation. Chapter 9 lists the typical practices of China in the technological catch-up and independent innovation in science-based industries. The final chapter reveals the thoughts of the authors on the catch-up and innovation of the science-based strategic emerging industries in China.

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  • Lei Jiaxiao is Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Tsinghua University; and Director of the Center for Enterprise Growth and National Economic Security Research of Tsinghua. Zhang Qingzhi is Postdoctor of Tsinghua University; and Associate Professor of the School of Public Policy and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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