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The East Hall of Foguang Monastery

Author: ZHAO Bo
Publication Date:2022.07.01
Page Count:24

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What kind of architecture is the thousand-year-old East Hall of Foguang Monastery exactly? How was it built? The book contains 3D paper models of the intricately designed bracket system and beam frames of the East Hall. By gently unfolding the pages, readers can experience the grandeur framework full of the Tang Dynasty’s charisma.With such creative and solid work, we sincerely invite you to Mount Wutai and take a close look at this thousand-year-old architectural masterpiece from the Tang Dynasty – the East Hall of Foguang Monastery. Gimmicks such as gatefolds and pop-up pages (which are not just for kids!) allow the accumulated historical research on architecture since the era of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin to be presented in a clear and accessible manner. Try using the scaled-down standard ruler to measure the bracket system, beam frames, and floor plans on translucent tracing paper and get the feeling of being an ancient craftsman. Historical documents, archives, stone inscriptions, prefaces, and a piece of miniature wall painting are like clues, gradually unraveling the mysteries of ancient architecture in a step-by-step deductive game.

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