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The Initiatory Teaching Material for Children’s Paper Cutting Techniques – Techniques and Applications of Folding and Cutting

Author: Xin Aiying, Chen Wei, Xin Xin
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2019.08.01
Page Count:204

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This book is an initiatory teaching material for kids from 3 to 8 years old to learn Shanxi Folk Paper Cutting Techniques. This book consists of six parts. From this book, readers can understand the origin of paper cutting, paper cutting tools, the colorful geometric shapes, recognize lines, circles, half-circles, triangles and other shapes, as well as understand the different colors. This book can enable the readers to use these colorful shapes to create a variety of paper cuttings with different shapes.

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  • Xin Aiying is a folk art master in Shanxi Province, and outstanding inheritor of cultural heritage. She specializes in paper-cutting and dough figurines.

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