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Syllabus of Clinical Medical Education for International Medical Students (in English) (Volume I)

Author: International Medical Education Committee, China Education Association for International Exchange
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2019.06.01
Page Count:292

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In order to standardize the undergraduate clinical medical education for foreign students in China and provide them with high-quality education, the compilation of the MBBS syllabus was started with the support of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges under Ministry of Education and China Education Association for International Exchange. This syllabus (covering 53 courses with English as the language of instruction) is an outcome of three-year joint efforts. It is written by professors, scholars and front-line teachers that are experienced and well-known in tutoring or teaching foreign students in medical colleges and universities. Though this syllabus is oriented to undergraduate foreign students majored in clinical medicine in China, it may be used as a bilingual teaching material for Chinese students in long-schooling or undergraduate medical education.

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