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Chinese Traditional Culture Picture Book: Goddess Baby-Bestower

Author: Lin Xin
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2018.01.01
Page Count:40

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This series consists of 6 titles: ○ Chinese New Year's Eve ○ The Kitchen God ○ Flying Mountain ○ Nezha Conquers the Dragon King ○ Door God Zhong Kui ○ Goddess Baby-Bestower Goddess Baby-Bestower: Once upon a time, there was a ghost mother who is keenly fond of children. She gave birth to 500 children, but still wants more. So she often went to the world to steal other people’s children, which made everyone upset. A little fairy punished the ghost mother by quietly taking away a child of the ghost mother. The ghost-mother was agitated for loss of her child. It was at this moment that she realized her mistakes. She felt ashamed and began to help people who have lost their children. The Jade Emperor awarded her the title of "Goddess Baby-Bestower". People who have no children would build up temples to worship her, in the hope that she could send them a healthy child.

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