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Chinese Traditional Culture Picture Book: Door God Kui Zhong

Author: Lin Xin
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2018.01.01
Page Count:40

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This series consists of 6 titles: ○ Chinese New Year's Eve ○ The Kitchen God ○ Flying Mountain ○ Nezha Conquers the Dragon King ○ Door God Zhong Kui ○ Goddess Baby-Bestower Door God Zhong Kui: In Tang Dynasty, there is a talented man named Zhong Kui, who looks very ugly. Upon seeing Zhong Kui, the emperor scolded the chief examiner: "How can such an ugly person be our leading national scholar?" Zhong Kui felt disheartened and hit the column with his head. He died instantly. Later, the emperor felt that his actions were indeed inappropriate and buried Zhong Kui lavishly. Zhong Kui was knighted posthumously as “General Ghost Catcher". When he reached the underworld, Yama, the king of the underworld, gave him a steed and a sword. Since then, once an evil spirit appears on earth, Zhong Kui would show up and kill the evil spirits, bringing peace to the world.

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