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Chinese Traditional Culture Picture Book: Chinese New Year’s Eve

Author: Lin Xin
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2018.01.01
Page Count:40

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This series consists of 6 titles: _x005F_x000D_○ Chinese New Year's Eve ○ The Kitchen God ○ Flying Mountain ○ Nezha Conquers the Dragon King ○ Door God Zhong Kui ○ Goddess Baby-Bestower Chinese New Year's Eve: In ancient times, there was a monster named “Xi”. It lived deep in the sea and didn’t come out for food until the last day of the year in lunar calendar. People were terrified of it. On the last year of every year, people fled to the mountains for protection. A fairy named Nian helped the people to scare away the monster using fire-crackers one year. From then on, the monster Xi has never appeared on earth. Now you know why the last day of the lunar new year was called “Chu Xi”(meaning “rid of Xi”).

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