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Beautiful Words Make Magic: the Chinese Language and Culture

Author: LI Guicang, GUO Jianling, MAO Liqun
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2018.06.01
Page Count:168

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‘Chinese Style’ Culture Series is a set of Chinese language textbooks catering to the learning needs of overseas students, but it is still available for both Chinese and foreign readers who are interested in Chinese culture. This set of books consists of six volumes, respectively created by dean of Confucius Institute or front-line teachers who have teaching Chinese as a foreign language for years. They will on the one hand “tell fascinating Chinese stories”, and on the other “carry forward Chinese culture”.This textbook, which is compiled on basis of years’ teaching practices, is customized for overseas students that are learning Chinese language. By catering to the interests and demands of these students, this book employs plain and vivid language to help them comprehend the cultural connotations implied in the language, so that they may fall in love with Chinese language and Chinese culture. There are altogether 15 lessons that expound a wide range of topics: Chinese people’s names, geographical names, dish names, numbers, color terms, homophonic words, proverbs, idioms, cyber language, etc. Each lesson is composed of four parts as text, reading comprehension, extended reading, and discussion; it is both an intensive or extensive reading material.

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