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Pearl Embroidery Art Design

Author: Zhang Hongjuan
Publication Date:2018.11.01
Page Count:152

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From the haute couture of Alexander McQueen and Valentino to Gucci’s full-color advanced ready-to-wear in season, the advantages of pearl embroidery are fully developed, highlighting a strong sense of art and exquisite sense of richness. Pearl embroidery, which is a back-to-ancient trend, integrates the classical style into modern life. This book, on the basis of introduction to the history of Chinese pearl embroidery, demonstrates the various techniques of pearl embroidery, design methods and applications. With the examples of pearl embroidery works, this book interprets the artistic features and design principles of pearl embroidery. This book contains rich texts and illustrations, demonstrates 16 types of basic stitches and their variations, it is able to teach readers to make glittering, gorgeous and dazzling pearl embroidery works with their own hands.

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