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Cultural Relics in Liaoning-Shenyang Region

Author: Yang Xiaomei, Luo Xiaobing, Ma Xiaoying
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:232

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This book focuses on the 145 cultural relics in Liaoning Province that have been listed as important heritage sites under state protection. First, it introduces the six world cultural heritage sites in Liaoning Province; then, it presents the important heritage sites under state protection and important heritage sites under provincial and municipal protection in Shenyang City; finally, it introduces the important heritage sites under state protection in each city of Liaoning Province according to the four major regions in the province. The book is well arranged with clear clues, and through specific and real cultural relics, readers can have a deeper understanding on the historical development process of Liaoning-Shenzhen region and China as a whole.

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