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Human Factors in Design: 34 Design Stories

Author: Rao Peilun, Li Ziyang, Ji Xiang
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2019.07.01
Page Count:144

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The book contains 34 little stories of human factors in science, aiming to take you into the human factors in design through simple, lifelike interpretations. Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, and human factors are varied. How do people and technology influence each other? And how does technology serve human harmony and happiness? This book provides a comprehensive interpretation of technological development and the impact of human factors on people’s lives from four perspectives: human factors in life, the up-coming ageing society, product design and evaluation, as well as artificial intelligence and robotics. The purpose of this book is to help readers understand the differentiated needs and characteristics of human beings from a scientific perspective, as well as the opportunities and challenges that technological developments bring to product design.

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  • Rao Peilun is a professor and director of the Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics of the Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsinghua University. His main research interests include human factors engineering and human-machine interaction.

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