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Chinese Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Report

Author: Yang Bin, Li Jianming, Li Donghong
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2017.07.01
Page Count:268

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The development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry is an important symbol to measure the comprehensive competitive strength of a country’s economy. This book focuses on the development of Chinese advanced equipment manufacturing industry. On the premise of giving readers a basic understanding of the development of global equipment manufacturing industry, it details the development of Chinese advanced equipment manufacturing industry and compares it with the same industries on the international scale. It analyzes and explains the comparative advantages of Chinese advanced equipment manufacturing industry in international competition, and the book ends with an analysis from the perspective of enterprises, so that readers can have a deeper understanding. This research report is firstly based on the data of 2015 World Machinery 500, analyzes the industry and revenue distribution of 7 leading enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry in developed countries, as well as the country or regional distribution of 4 global leading enterprises in advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

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