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Kua Fu Chases the Sun

Author: illustrated by Chen Huiguan, text by Wu Xinfeng
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2019.10.01
Page Count:44

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The mythical tale of Kua Fu Chases the Sun, in which Kua Fu chased after the cunning sun so that his people could feel the sunlight, and eventually he succeeded but died a tragic death. The story shows Kua Fu’s incomparable heroism and his spirit of benefiting the future generations, reflecting the ancient people’s strong desire and tenacity to explore and conquer nature.

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  • Chen Huiguan (1935-) is a famous contemporary master in comic books and traditional Chinese painter. Wu Xinfeng is a Doctor of Literature, associate professor, mythologist, Director of the China Folklore Society and the China Ethnic Literature Society.

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